Plot: Siouxsie (Sammi Hanratty) is one of the few students at Crestview Academy who wants to have weekend detention. Her sister is dead and it was ruled a suicide, but some think she was involved since the two had a fight just before her death. But Siouxsie is certain her sister was murdered, she just doesn’t know who was responsible. The plan is to get weekend detention, hack the school’s mainframe, and extract information from the other students in detention. And since all of the students in detention were present the night of her sisters death, Siouxsie is sure she can uncover some new information. While things start off as planned, soon the school is in full lock down and no one is able to leave or figure out what has happened. Then some of the students are killed off, which turns an already stressful situation into a battle for survival. Can anyone survive detention this time and who is behind all this madness?

Entertainment Value: This sequel to Bad Kids Go to Hell acknowledges the events of the first movie, but tells a new story for the most part. And yes, the terrible CGI cockroaches do make a return. The story is similar to the first movie, starting off close to the end, then flashing back to show us how things reached that point. The narrative is passable, but the real draw here is the melodrama once again, as these kids are cruel and the mean spirited exchanges abound. Sammi Hanratty has the lead, but it is an ensemble piece and features a handful of colorful performers. The kids are walking stereotypes, but that makes sense in the superficial world of Crestview. This sequel also embraces the comic book roots of the material, putting in some graphic novel artwork and transitions, which I’m sure fans will appreciate. While most of the characters have changed, this is pretty much more of the same Crestview from the first movie. A little meaner perhaps, but if you enjoyed the first movie, you’ll likely have fun here. For fans of the brand and those who love bad CGI roaches, give it a look.

A brief bathroom love scene shows a couple topless girls, but it is very quick. No other nakedness to speak of. But we do have one of the least erotic dances of all times, as one of the girls performs an awkward routine and even includes Sean Astin in the fun. The blood runs often here, but as with the first movie, there’s a lot of CGI. I know budget limits are what they are, but how the CGI fire was approved, I will never understand. It looks atrocious and really lessens the impact of the finale. As I already said, the horrible CGI cockroaches return as well. A few practical effects roll in however, mostly aftermath shots of various injuries. There are some creative scenes in this one, I just wish they weren’t dampened by the low rent CGI. The dialogue is fun, with mean spirited kids putting each other on blast. These are not PC, safe space kids either, they break out all kinds of racism, sexism, and social insults. I do have to mention how terrible two of the bigger names are in this one. Sean Astin and Drake Bell are so bad here, you can’t help but cringe at their performances. I know the movie has some camp texture, but these two just stink up the place. Aside from the cruel dialogue and laughable CGI, this one stays on the rails. The story has some odd twists and reveals, but none stand out as overly insane.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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