Plot: Melody (Linnea Quigley) and her sorority sisters Marci (Brinke Stevens) and Mickey (Michelle Bauer) have the house all to themselves, but no boyfriends to invite over and party with. But Melody calls up a nerdy guy she recently went out with and soon after, all three girls have dates and they couldn’t be more excited. But their dates run into some trouble, as they are just pledges and their frat brothers refuse to let them leave the house, even for dates. Of course, the guys just sneak out and the party kicks off, with stories about dolphins (or was it porpoises?) and games of Twister, but those are just the appetizers. When Marci busts out her antique crystal ball, the fun really starts and a spirit reaches out to the girls. A supernatural event explodes out of the spirit and now, the three nerdy girls are topless and well, hot as hell. But are these naked chicks just a gift from the spirit or is there a darker force in play here?

Entertainment Value: An 80s movie directed by David DeCoteau that stars the Holy Trinity of Scream Queens, Nightmare Sisters is silly, over the top, and a lot of fun. The story follows three girls who are transformed into sex crazed succubi, trying to sing songs, get primitive, and of course, bite off dicks. The tone is campy, but there’s still light horror elements sprinkled in. So don’t overlook this just because of the comedy, as it has a strong 80s horror vibe that is great fun. The cast is headlined by scream queen royalty, with Linnea Quigley, Michelle Bauer, and Brinke Stevens all on deck. All three show off their talents, both their physical gifts and some great comedic presence. Each is given ample screen time to shine, so this is a great showcase piece for these three genre film legends. We also have some horny nerds and cock blocking frat brothers, all played to a stereotypical level. There’s a reason Nightmare Sisters has remained a home video mainstay, it is a fun movie with some beloved talent involved. Anyone into 80s horror, scream queens, or great bathtub scenes should buy this one immediately.

This one delivers some epic tier nudity, including a bathtub scene that stands as a touchstone moment for aquatic erotica. Imagine Linnea Quigley, Michelle Baeur, and Brinke Stevens, all in a small tub, all naked, and all soaped up. The scene is immense fun and has all the soaped up flesh you could want. All three women are topless in numerous scenes, with a few instances of bare asses and some quick full frontal. Not to mention Baeur deep throating a banana. No blood. The gore isn’t missed since the tone is so light and we still get cool fake teeth and one dried up old demon. The dialogue is silly and fun, almost like a horror tinged sitcom. I’m sure some will find it hokey and it is, but I think it works and is a lot of fun. Not a ton of memorable lines, but a good amount and plenty of innuendo sneaks in. As far as insanity, Nightmare Sisters has the awesome bath tub scene, the wild Omar, and hot chicks biting off dicks, so it isn’t a sane experience. But it doesn’t ever really feel that crazy, just lightly wacky.

Nudity: 5/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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