Plot: Crestview Academy is home to countless rich kids, entitled brats, and spoiled rotten babies, but money can’t always solve every problem. So six of the school’s more colorful students find themselves in detention, serving time for various offenses. While the group is stuck together for this punishment, there’s no sense of togetherness, instead the kids stir up drama right from the start. After calling each out other out and putting eye drops in the supervisor’s coffee, the group winds up on their own and without an authority figure around, things only spiral even more out of control. Rumors of the ghost of an Apache are well known around Crestview, so the group stages a seance to make contact and in the process, seem to have gotten more than they bargained for. As they continue to argue and cause drama with each other, strange things start to happen and they look into the school’s not so noble past. They were told to write about the school’s history, but will any of them survive to hand in the assignment?

Entertainment Value: I love bad seed type movies, so a group of entitled, rich kids causing each other grief seemed worth a shot. Based on a popular comic book, this movie has some bright spots, but never quite takes off like I hoped. The story is simple, putting a group of troubled kids in detention and throw in melodrama, jealousy, and potential ghosts, then see what happens. I did appreciate how mean spirited the kids were, tearing each other to shreds with insults and personal attacks. If nothing else, Bad Kids Go to Hell packs in a metric ton of drama, which is what ends up driving this movie. The characters are one dimensional for the most part, with stereotypes galore, but they do make an effort to fill in some backstories at least. The cast is passable, but seems much, much older than the roles, which adds some unintended humor. Most of them handle the melodrama and venom well, which is about all you can ask. Judd Nelson also has a small role, which is a nice touch, given the obvious inspiration taken from his 80s classic, The Breakfast Club. In the end, this isn’t a terrible movie, but it has little to offer beyond rich kids being assholes to each other. Not much horror and the visual effects are bargain basement, so the melodrama is the main draw. But if you’re into young adult drama or the comic book series, you might want to give it a look.

This movie has one of the strangest topless scenes of all time, hands down. A girl puts on an erotic dance show for her classmates, showing off her ample melons. And the breasts are beautiful…except for the CGI nipples. Yes, this movie has CGI nipples and that alone might be reason enough to give it a spin. I read into this a little and it seems like she shot the scene with pasties, then had her own nipples CGI’ed on her breasts. I have no idea if that’s true, but the end result is jarring and hilarious. I don’t normally praise CGI but holy shit, what a bizarre moment. There is some blood and violence, but the visual effects are just not up to snuff. The cockroaches stand out as perhaps the worst of the effects, but few look even passable. I don’t mind these kind of SyFy effects if the movie is a silly monster movie, but in a darker, more serious movie like this, they stand out like a sore thumb. I do appreciate all the mean spirited dialogue here, as there’s ample sexism, racism, class insults, and all kinds of other non PC banter. The movie pulls no punches and lets the characters be as cruel and personal as possible. Not a lot of over the top memorable lines, but a consistent level of asshole on asshole verbal abuse. I think one point on the crazy scale is earned for the boldness of the banter, but otherwise, not much that wild happens here. Although, the whole CGI nipple fiasco perhaps warrants a second point, right?

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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