Plot: Dr. Dippy (Peter Conrad) has developed a serum that endows superhuman strength, but it has a severe drawback. After seven days of this incredible strength, the user is killed by the serum’s side effects. He has created this formula for a pair of powerful criminals, who want to use a superpowered patsy to pull heists no normal man could ever manage. While Dr. Dippy is hesitant to test the serum on a human, his clients pressure him to inject a homeless bum and see what happens. After all, they can use this derelict for a week and when he dies, no one will care. Greed overrules ethics, so the group finds their test subject in Steve (Wildman Steve Gallon), an outlandish transient with a colorful personality. He is given some nice threads, a place to his own, and the promise of cash, not to mention some attention from some hot ladies. But will the plan go off as the crooks plan, or will Steve be able to figure out this heinous plan and find a way to survive the week?

Entertainment Value: Also known as The Six Thousand Dollar Nigger, Super Soul Brother is one of the strangest entries in the blaxploitation cinematic realm. This is just total madness, a wild and fun movie that ignores the rules of traditional cinema. The narrative takes a bum from the streets to silk sheets. but at a high cost and with the odds stacked against him. Wildman Steve Gallon has the lead and he lives up to his name, with a manic and loose cannon performance that is hilarious to watch. He works in some of his stand up routine, as well as just seemingly random, on the spot dialogue that both confuses and entertains. The rest of the cast is almost as outrageous, including an evil midget doctor and a nurse seems sane, but falls for Steve. There is honestly very little about Super Soul Brother that isn’t insane and even at under eighty minutes, it packs in a wealth of pure cinematic gold. Of course, if you don’t appreciate off the rails, low rent regional movies, you will probably hate this one. After all, this is one outrageous moment after another, with a light narrative to keep things on track. But if you have even a casual interest in blaxploitation, insane movies, or the magic of Wildman Steve, this movie deserves a place in your collection.

A few brief glimpses of naked flesh, but that’s all we have here. A little peek at breasts, but mostly bare ass and an ultra quick bush glimpse. But the highlight has to be when Wildman Steve flashes some dong in a shower scene, which is certain to drive viewers wild with lust. There is like a tiny bit of blood from a shoot out, but not enough to even put up one point. But you won’t miss the bloodshed, as the draw here is the dialogue and performances. And boy, does the movie deliver on those fronts. The dialogue is so off the wall here, it seems to be improv in most scenes. Or a loose take on the script, since it all seems so in the moment and outlandish. Wildman Steve is just out of this world here, in a performance that has to be seen to be believed. He is just otherworldly in one of the most ridiculous performances I’ve seen, which is quite a compliment. Don’t discount the rest of the cast however, especially Peter Conrad who has numerous great lines as the evil midget doctor. This movie is bound to confuse and offend most viewers, even those used to genre film mayhem. Fueled by some of the strangest dialogue and out of control characters around, this one more than earns full marks. If you want crazy, Super Soul Brother has you covered.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 10/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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