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A concise guide to the world of cinema, tv, and games through the eyes of a sociopath

Who is Marc Fusion?

I’m just a dude who loves movies, but I prefer the crazier stuff. I grew up watching all kinds of cult and horror movies from the 70s to 80s on VHS, so that era tends to be a favorite of mine. I’ve written countless thousands and thousands of reviews under various names for sites and decided to finally just start my own database. This site will offer short burst style content, so you can make a quick decision on whether or not the movie is your kind of flick. I don’t care if a movie is “good” or not, I want to be entertained with as much creativity and as little filler as possible. I score the movies on four criteria, each a valuable element in the kind of movies I adore. Nudity is always fun, blood & gore is welcome, strange or hilariously bad dialogue is god tier, and overall insanity level lets you know how off the wall a movie is. So if you like romantic comedies and Marvel movies, my site probably isn’t going to steer you toward new stuff you’ll love. If you know a movie I should check out or run a label that wants to have your videos reviewed, shoot me a message on the contact page. Thanks for stopping by!

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