Story: Steve (Ralph Byrd) and Bill (Ward Bond) have just been fired from their work as truck drivers, thanks to some safety code issues, but before the two can even collect their thoughts, their old boss happens to have some fresh work. He tells them he needs them to run some lettuce to Arrowhead, a common haul at first blush, but then he offers a thousand dollar bonus. But given their situation, the two just jump at the chance and head out, to make sure the lettuce arrives safe and sound. But not soon after departure, their truck is assaulted by what they believe to be lettuce farmers on strike, though the truth is much darker, as they soon discover. As it turns out, the two are hauling a truckload of dynamite, but with folks already on their trail, can Steve and Bill make the delivery as planned?

Entertainment Value: I had some fun with Born to Be Wild, but it also leaves a lot to be desired and even at just over an hour, overstays its welcome. The story is humorous, as two fast talking truckers discover the lettuce in the truck is actually dynamite, but the movie doesn’t run with either the absurd aspect or the more explosive potential. Born to Be Wild does include some inexplicable musical numbers however and it does have some b movie magic at times, but the little bright spots aren’t enough to compensate for the rest of this often dull ride. The dialogue is plentiful and drives the entire movie, but the script is on the thin side and the exchanges aren’t that fun or memorable. The attempts to throw in some twists fall short as well, leaving us with a mostly forgettable picture. But if you like trucker movies or oddly timed musical routines, you could do worse.

While she doesn’t have a lead role, Doris Weston manages to steal the show here, though it would likely be considered petty theft. Most of the cast of Born to Be Wild is rather reserved and even boring to watch, with basic and low energy performances. So Weston didn’t have a lot of stiff competition to deal with, but I think she could have held her own even with a more skilled cast, as she is tuned in and has some solid enthusiasm. In truth, her appearances energize the entire movie, which tends to run out of gas when it focuses on the lead performers. Weston brings some humor and some much needed kinetic screen presence, let alone her more than solid charisma that helps pull out some decent moments from her costars. The cast also includes Ward Bond, Robert Emmett Keane, Edwin Stanley, Ralph Byrd, and George Magrill.

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