Story: Shannon (Jaime King) was out for a run and after jogging into a wild drug deal, she now finds herself hunted by corrupt police officers. Just before she arrived on scene, a crooked cop named Billie (Lala Kent) was meeting with one of the department’s drug runners, when she decided she didn’t like the direction of the conversation. Of course, Shannon’s appearance led to more violence and while she was able to escape, Billie quickly altered her fellow officers. At the same time, retired cop Jack (Bruce Willis) hopes his shift to quiet country life won’t be too dull, only to stumble onto Shannon as she is being held at gunpoint by the corrupt police officers. But when the Sheriff’s department owns the town, can anyone stand up to their violence and corruption?

Entertainment Value: Out of Death has all the hallmarks of a Bruce Willis direct to video production, so if you’ve seen any of his other films from this time period, you know about what to expect. The narrative here is passable, if predictable and has some potential, but the script keeps things as simple as possible, with no effort made to spice up the concept. Just a basic, by the numbers thriller with some very light action elements blended in. And while Lala Kent is hilariously bad as a corrupt law enforcement official, Out of Death has minimal camp, as the movie takes itself seriously and what little b movie charm is here, is very brief. The pace is on the slow side, as so little happens, but the film wants to stretch the flimsy script and that results in a drawn out, sometimes dull experience. The action is very light, just some basic shootouts and no set pieces that captured my attention. If you’re going to make a boring action/thriller, at least make sure the action scenes are fun, right? In the end, Out of Death is a total snooze and even for Willis devotees, this one is hard to recommend.

I was quite disappointed by this one, even with lowered expectations, but the one bright spot was the awful, and I mean awful performance of Lala Kent. Kent shows up in a handful or so of these Bruce Willis Cinematic Universe movies, thanks to a relationship with one of the producers, but she doesn’t up her game in these opportunities. This is easily the worst of her performances in the Willis multiverse, as she is so terrible, you can’t help but laugh. Kent as a bad ass is hilarious and outlandish, but the movie wants to make her an action star that exudes big screen charisma, instead she comes off as someone who won a contest or giveaway for a movie role. Her delivery is atrocious, she is never believable in the least, and she seems to have intense confidence, despite all this. So I have to thank Kent, as she at least gave me a little entertainment during this dud. The cast also includes Tyler Jon Olson, Lauren McCord, Jaime King, and of course, Bruce Willis.

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