Plot: A trio of executives are in a real bind, as recent failures have landed them half a million dollars in debt. As if that wasn’t enough, their main investor Mr. Big wants his investment back as promised and he isn’t a patient man, which means the executives need a hit and soon. Unable to brainstorm a competent idea, the executives are bowled over when a telegram messenger offers his opinion. He suggests the company make a pornographic movie, as the expenses are low and the payoffs are high, making it the ideal solution to their current woes. This leads to a production being mounted and soon the executives are trying to bring their fantasies to life on the big screen, while also saving their asses from Mr. Big. But will the porno be a success or will the businessmen find a way to screw this up too?

Entertainment Value: A strange blend of dusty jokes, puppetry, and porn, Let My Puppets Come is an odd one, but I found it to be so hokey, I couldn’t help but have fun here. The narrative is super thin and just exists to bring in various comedy routines, musical numbers, and of course sex scenes, though I doubt anyone will let down by the lack of an in depth story in this case. The premise plays out almost like a variety show of sorts, with a series of vignettes that blend and sex and humor, neither of which pans out in the traditional sense. I have a soft spot for bad jokes and these are delivered with aplomb, so they don’t bomb, they really bomb, which I found to be hilarious, but I can see how others might not. The sex is mostly puppets with some humans in the mix at times, but unless you have a puppet fetish, this is again more likely to earn laughs than qualify as erotica. I’d describe the entire movie as hokey and over the top, meant as a compliment, since I was entertained throughout. But it might be a little tame and dated for those expecting a puppet shock fest on par with like Meet the Feebles, as that is not what Let My Puppets Come tries to achieve. I think those with an appreciation for the stranger side of cinema should have some laughs here and if you like odd puppet shows, then you’ll have fun with this one.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a puppet woman have sex with a puppet dog, Let My Puppets Come is the picture you’ve waited to experience. The movie has a lot of naked puppets and the felt is fully exposed here, so buckle up for cloth breasts, vaginas, and penises, all in vivid color. You’ll also see some actual human nudity as well, also quite vivid in the case of a human/puppet interlude. So those scene have bare breasts, a rich bush, and some full frontal exposure, but for the most part, the sleaze here is of the puppet variety. No bloodshed. This is a bawdy comedy, so the puppets stick to sex, rather than violence. The dialogue here includes a lot of bad jokes and almost vaudeville style humor, so you might love it or hate it. I think bad jokes are usually fun, so having puppets tell bad jokes is even more fun. Of course, if you don’t appreciate groan inducing one liners or hokey humor, you might not find many laughs. A movie about puppets making a porno kind of earns some insanity points right from the jump, but the bestiality, awful jokes, musical numbers, and relentless puppet sex boosts it up a couple more notches.

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