Plot: The Feebles is a popular variety show that is on the brink of the big time, with a huge television special around the corner. The owner Bletch is certain that if the television special is a success, The Feebles will become a world wide sensation. As such, all of the troupe’s acts have been pushed to be at their best. Even newcomer Robert has been put through a crash course, despite his shy nature. But the show isn’t as smooth as you might think, instead The Feebles is loaded with troubled performers. The knife thrower is having Vietnam flashbacks and severe heroin withdrawals, the beloved rabbit star has a fatal STD, the rat showrunner is raping showgirls, and so much more dysfunction, not to mention problems with the show’s underground porn shoots. But the main issue is the show’s biggest star Heidi, who has been Bletch’s girlfriend but has recently learned he has been cheating on her. With the big special just ahead and super stardom on the horizon, can The Feebles keep their shit together?

Entertainment Value: This is a movie about life’s great problems such as drug abuse, sex addiction, infidelity, rape, eating shit, and giving golden showers, but those are just some of the topics explored in Meet the Feebles. And of course, these topics seem all the more urgent when acted out by a cast of animal puppets. As insane as this all sounds, the movie doesn’t go just for shocks and actually develops the characters and plots. When we hit the finale, we are invested because we know the inner workings of these puppets and their wild workplace. Not to say the story is deep by any means, but this isn’t just shock value, it is storytelling with shock value. You also have some fun musical numbers, though the real show stopper is a touching ballad about one fox’s love for anal sex. The movie is graphic, gross, and above all else, well crafted and hilarious.

There is some nudity, granted it is puppet sex, but still. There’s even nasal sex for the fetish folk, a rat that pulls a Cosby, and a cat sucking a walrus’ dick. So yeah, not a lot of nudity, but there’s some sex shit here. As far as blood, Meet the Feebles has a good amount in the manic conclusion. While not gore per se, there is a lot of nose jizz, fecal matter, urine, vomit, and other manner of fun bodily fluids. The movie has a lot of memorable dialogue made all the more fun by the puppets, while the Sodomy song is instant cult classic material. I don’t know what else Meet the Feebles could do to climb the insanity chart. The movie is jam packed with off the wall moments that rarely slow down and build to a worthy conclusion. Its a shame this movie has remained lower profile and never given much attention on home video. If you’re a fan of puppets or insane movies, you really need to Meet the Feebles.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 6/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10