Plot: Helena (Brittany Underwood) is a beautiful woman with some masterful culinary skills, but she has high standards and when one of her beaus isn’t able to live up to those standards, things don’t go well. She doesn’t just break up with her partners however, instead Helena puts her recipe collection to use and poisons them, with her special ingredients masking the crime. After she puts one fiance to rest, she is soon in the arms of another and Charlie (Cameron Jebo) is her latest love interest. Things have been going well for the couple, but Charlie’s sister Becca (Charlene Amoia) has started to pick up on some of her future sister-in-law’s quirks. As if her suspicions weren’t enough, Helena’s past begins to creep into her new life as well and of course, that includes the mysterious death of her previous fiance. Will Charlie realize the truth in time or will Helena strike again when her love turns to the dark side?

Entertainment Value: I had a blast with A Wedding to Die For, a Lifetime psycho thriller that was written by Rolfe Kanefsky and directed by Fred Olen Ray, which explains why it has so much b movie charm. The narrative is right in line with the usual obsession driven Lifetime thrillers, but the dial is turned way up on the melodrama and over the top elements. As it is an amplified version of the Lifetime formula, I think it will still appeal to the network’s usual fans, but there is also so much b movie magic, it should lure in horror/cult film fans as well. I love how it lets Brittany Underwood just go bananas and she does just that, in one of the most memorable and outlandish villain turns in Lifetime’s lineup. A lot of Lifetime’s thrillers have wild villains and over the top melodrama, but A Wedding to Die For has that extra layer of cheesiness that just adds so much entertainment. The pace is brisk and keeps the thrills and laughs coming, with very little downtime or dull stretches. The movie knows what it wants to do and more than delivers on the concept of a manic, outrageous thriller, while also hitting all of the marks Lifetime’s devoted fan base looks for. I can’t recommend this one enough, a super fun and outlandish thriller that genre fans shouldn’t miss.

I mentioned how effective Brittany Underwood is here as our villain, but it is really a performance that needs to be experienced. She channels a blend of total psychopath and Stepford wife, carrying A Wedding to Die For and making one of the more fun Lifetime thrillers out there. I love that she can convey both the sweet, ideal partner and the unhinged maniac, bringing each side to life in grand fashion. The sweetness flows like wine and she transitions right into lunatic with ease, sliding back and forth as the role requires. I appreciate that Underwood is in tune with the spirit of the material as well, running with the campier elements and really dialing up her performance, giving us a Lifetime villain we won’t soon forget. Her facial expressions and reactions are great here, a terrific and very fun effort from Underwood. Charlene Amoia might not be as wild as Underwood in this one, but she turns in solid work and has some fun scenes where she squares off with the psycho. I like that she wasn’t the typical Lifetime good girl as well, which makes those interactions more fun. The cast also includes Kathryn Leigh Scott, Cameron Jebo, and Henry LeBlanc.

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