Plot: Lou Garou (Leo Fafard) is still a police officer, still a werewolf, and most importantly, he is still a hapless drunk. But while he has faced down threats in the past, it turns out things aren’t always as they seem and now, Garou and his friends have a new menace on the prowl. The first sign of trouble is when Higgins (Jonathan Cherry) returns, seemingly from the dead and reveals that he was not an evil shape shifter, but a pawn in an alien scheme. He also happens to have some kind of foreign invader inside him, while a smooth talking businessman has the entire town up in arms of a new alcoholic drink that launches soon. Is this new microbrewery just an honest new avenue for intoxication or part of some alien plot and in either case, how will Garou and his friends figure into the equation?

Entertainment Value: This sequel retains the blend of horror and humor of the original, but skews toward the humor end of the scale this time. This is over the top, slapstick style content that pushes boundaries and goes for wild set pieces, so to call this outlandish would be an understatement. This is bound to divide fans, as some will prefer this scaled up madness, while others might like the original’s less ridiculous approach. The first movie was by no means serious by any definition, but it wasn’t total slapstick at all times, while this sequel is just that. The narrative suffers, as there’s minimal story in this one, while the horror elements are reduced to bursts of gore, so it is a shift to be sure, with the humor asked to carry the entire picture. I found some scenes to be quite hilarious, while others felt forced, as if the script was desperate to have edge, but instead came off as lame. I think the general sense of humor is line with a kind I can appreciate, but I just think it is too inconsistent and wears thin, as some horror or simple narrative could have worked wonders there. If you’re a fan of the original Wolfcop however, you’ll likely find some fun with this sequel.

A couple of topless scenes and a bare ass are the all traditional nudity, but that doesn’t take into account creature sexual content. As if seeing Wolfcop’s enormous, hairy dong wasn’t enough, there’s also a sex scene that involves some beastly elements and of course, that adds a lot of fun. The movie piles on the bloodshed, with over the top, often silly violence that provides some nice gushes of the red stuff. This includes a wicked transformation, alien parasites, frequent blood spurts, vomit, and other fluids, all done with an offbeat sense of humor. This is like Troma level silliness and over the top touches, sometimes fun, sometimes rather flat. The dialogue is along the same lines, some of the humor just nails the target and is ridiculous, while some of the lines are forced and not as much fun. But when you go for this kind of goofy dialogue, you’re bound to have some strike outs. On the craziness scale, Another Wolfcop throws all the wackiness it can muster onto the screen and while it doesn’t all work, it is undeniably outrageous throughout.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 6/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

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