Plot: Chelsea (Mollee Gray) has just been dumped by her boyfriend, as he feels like she doesn’t time for the relationship and her attention is always elsewhere. Although she is hurt by this turn of events, she also knows his concerns are true, as she is quite busy and has minimal free time. This is because in addition to her college workload, she is always looking for ways to practice her skills in making films and of late, she has been working on an important movie project. She decides to blow off some steam with a girls’ night out and rekindles an old friendship with Milla (Kirstin Pfeiffer), who has made a small fortune as a cam model. Chelsea is tipsy and enticed by the money involved, so she takes her top off for one of Milla’s viewers, an action she regrets, despite getting enough money to keep her movie afloat. But when the cam viewer takes an unhealthy interest in Chelsea, can she keep away from his obsessive pursuit or will her one bad decision haunt her in horrific ways?

Entertainment Value: This Lifetime movie has a premise that is all too realistic, as a young woman performs on a live stream and finds herself stalked in real life by an obsessed lunatic. I don’t know if this qualifies as “ripped from the headlines,” but this is a story that unfolded in real life several times, including some high profile incidents that made online news waves. The movie doesn’t explore this concept as in depth as it could, but it is still an interesting topic and A Night to Regret adds in some fun, melodramatic twists as well. The narrative is typical Lifetime, with family drama, betrayal, and melodrama, but keeps things reeled in for the most part, so this feels more grounded than most of their productions. The suspense is solid and the twists & turns keep you hooked in, despite the rather familiar, straight forward stalker premise, but no one knows stalkers like Lifetime, right? I do wish it was a little wilder at times, but as far as stalker thrillers are concerned, A Night to Regret is a solid one and Lifetime fans should have fun here.

I was excited to see Marguerite Moreau back in another Lifetime movie, as she always brings a strong performance and some class to her roles. This one is no exception and while she isn’t the lead this time around, she anchors the movie well and her presence adds a lot to the movie. She turns in a sincere, effective performance and is easily the standout from the cast here. Mollee Gray has the lead role and does well, but doesn’t seem to handle the dramatic elements as well as the lighter moments, so the tension is reduced a little there. But she nails the more humorous or laid back scenes, as well as the mother/daughter dynamic with Moreau, so she is good, just a little rough around the edges in the more tense sequences. Kevin McNamara is our villain and he is up to the task, though again the movie takes a less melodramatic approach, so he isn’t as wild or memorable as some Lifetime antagonists. The cast also includes Kirstin Pfeiffer, Gigi Zumbado, and Jeremy John Wells in smaller roles.

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