Plot: As high school comes to an end and graduation looms, a group of friends lament their lack of success in the romance department. Oz (Chris Klein) is popular, but awkward, Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) is holding out for just the right girl, Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) has a girlfriend but can’t get past third base, while Jim (Jason Biggs) is a total mess and a borderline hopeless case. But the friends decide to take a stand and make a pact to pop their cherries before graduation, so each begins to hone their craft to have the best chance to score. Jim practices in unusual ways, Finch spreads gossip about his penis size, Kevin studies how to please his woman, and Oz tries to find his sensitive side, all in the noble pursuit of physical gratification. But will their hard work pay off or will their obsession to score lead to unexpected results, with all four headed to college still inexperienced virgins?

Entertainment Value: American Pie was a box office hit and inspired a return to teen sex comedies, including a total of seven sequels in this series alone. This was also one of the movies that helped start the trend of “unrated” cuts on home video, with footage too hot to be shown in theaters. As with most comedies of this kind, American Pie was quite risque at the time, but as time has passed, it now seems tame and even antiquated, with more sweet, naive texture than wild sexual content. So if you return to the movie and hope for that same bawdy, boundary testing sex driven humor, you’ll likely just be surprised this ever offended anyone. I still think the movie is a fun watch though, as it has colorful characters, some sharp dialogue, and of course, Eugene Levy bringing the awkwardness like a god of thunder. There’s also a lot of appeal here for anyone who takes comfort in 90s nostalgia, as American Pie is soaked in the culture of that period, especially the music. So while American Pie has softened over time, I still think it is a solid comedy that delivers some good laughs.

This movie is all about sex, but when it comes to the visual component, there’s more bark than bite here. Shannon Elizabeth’s topless scene is one for the hall of the fame, but that’s all the naked flesh in this one. I have to think most people will expect or even remember more in terms of sleaze, but American Pie is quite tame when it comes time to actually reveal the goods. No blood. Jim has his fair share of mishaps, but fucking a pie doesn’t much violence, unless you’re the pastry that was involved. The dialogue is packed with over the top sexual references, from innuendos to jokes to of course, the infamous MILF heard ’round the world. I think a decent amount of the humor still holds up, if you appreciate the sillier end of sexual shenanigans. I have to give the MVP to Eugene Levy, who mastered the art of awkward as Jim’s dad, but Stifler also has a force of nature presence, he deserves a mention. As for craziness, aside from the pie fucking and flute in the pussy, this one doesn’t go too wild.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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