Plot: Lorelei (Serena) has just been kidnapped and her abductors plan to ransom her for one million dollars, as her father is an affluent man of means. After she is roughed up and taken back to their hideout, she discovers her two kidnappers aren’t working alone, as a woman awaits their return. In an effort to prove to her father that she is in real danger, the men slap her around and degrade her, taking pictures to send as proof. If nothing else, perhaps he will send the ransom to keep the photos of his daughter being used and abused hidden from the world. As time passes, Lorelei tries to find some way to escape her tormentors and discovers that there is some tension within the group, though she isn’t sure how to exploit that. Can she figure out how to drive a wedge and create an escape route before it is too late?

Entertainment Value: This is a rough one, with some nasty moments and an odd, unstable vibe throughout. Although most of the sexual elements in this one aren’t explicit, some scenes do feature vivid, even hardcore sexual content, so it is a strange mixed bag of sleaze here. The narrative is a familiar one, as a captor tries to turn her captives against each other, but the tone here is much darker than most, with bursts of sex, violence, and dysfunction. So what the script lacks in depth, it makes up for rough stuff and unsettling atmosphere. If you’re not a fan of hard edged exploitation however, you might be left cold by The Abduction of Lorelei though, as rough sex and mean spirited vibes are a constant presence. But if you appreciated gritty, grindhouse style exploitation, it is well worth a look. I mean, Serena is a legend and her presence alone warrants a watch, in my opinion.

As I said, not all of the sex scenes here are full on hardcore, but there’s still a wealth of naked flesh and non simulated sexual antics. So even in the softer moments, you’ll see more vivid nakedness than usual. In other words, if seeing a butthole or wide open vagina cramps your style, this one isn’t for you. There is some real sex on showcase as well, including rough, rape style segments that don’t linger on penetration, but still have a nasty, graphic tone. So expect frequent, vivid nudity from both sexes and some flashes of hardscore sex. No blood, but there is some violence involved and given that is takes place during graphic sexual moments, it packs a mean punch. The abductors abuse Lorelei in degrading ways and rough her up, so it can be tough to watch, regardless of the lack of bloodshed. The dialogue is mostly barking orders or taunting Lorelei, but we do have a bizarre scene with the three kidnappers around a table that has an odd tone and some weird lines. As for the craziness, the general nastiness and mean spirited tone earn a couple points, while the wild finale tacks on a little extra kick.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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