Plot: After the death of her stepfather, Brittney (Susan Ward) assumed her inheritance would be a windfall, given his wealth and affluence. But when she is overlooked in his will, she is crushed and feels left out in the cold. As if that wasn’t bad enough, a trashy local girl Maya (Leila Arcieri) has made a bold claim, that she is the true heir to his fortune. This is met with skepticism, as he didn’t seem to have any living blood relatives, but a DNA test reveals the truth, that Maya was his daughter and as such, is entitled to his estate. That would seem to be that, but part of the estate involves a multi-million dollar insurance claim and since claims investigator Bridges (Isaiah Washington) smells a rat, he starts to snoop around. But is there some underhanded element involved, or is this just a tragic turn of events?

Entertainment Value: The original Wild Things was a super fun, trashy neo-noir, so of course, this sequel tries to recapture some of that magic. This starts with the narrative, which mirrors the story of the original, down to some rather minor details, so this feels more like a remake that a sequel at times. Which would be fine, if it could throw in a bundle of new twists and sleaze, but instead, this feels like a watered down, neutered take on the original narrative. The twists are close to the same as before, just with new characters involved and while the betrayals are frequent, it just lacks the enthusiasm and fun of Wild Things. The sleaze is also diminished, while the cast has talent, but no one seems interested in the material. Susan Ward and Leila Arcieri look hot, but don’t have the charm or charisma of Denise Richards, while Isaiah Washington is as bland as oatmeal in his role here. I mean, in truth there is no real reason to watch this one, as it is just an inferior take on the original. If it had a little original flavor or any kind of fun, it would be different, but this is dull and forgettable.

The original Wild Things wasn’t drenched in sleaze, but it had some great moments and of course, the threesome heard ’round the world. This movie offers minimal nakedness and even when it tries to recreate the threesome sequence, it feels like a yawner, with little shown. Given that the leads show little spark in the dramatic elements, it seems like an odd casting choice, since melodramas like this benefit from both wild performances and sleaze, which these girls refused to offer up. No blood. There’s some mild violence, but it is brief and non graphic. The dialogue manages a few good lines, but overall this is a basic, unremarkable script. Some of the lines might have kicked a little more if the cast was up to the task, but given how no one seems interested whatsoever, that simply never happens here. On the craziness side, I will score one point for the minor effort to throw in all the twists, but otherwise, bland central.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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