Plot: Cameron (Felisha Cooper) has just returned home with some big news, as she is engaged to Brent (Adam Huss), a man she only recently met. While sudden romance can be a wonderful experience, her mother Nicole (Kari Wuhrer) is less than enthused and after some quick research on Brent, she discovers a number of red flags, including some financial woes. This could be relevant, as Cameron stands to inherit a sizable fortune and as such, could be an easy target for a conman. But despite her mother’s worries, Cameron is convinced it is true love and when Nicole won’t give her blessing, the two elope. But this enrages Lexi (Jean Louise O’Sullivan), who happens to be Brent’s actual girlfriend and she is fed up with Brent’s recent behavior, as the two have a plan to kill Cameron and claim her inheritance. As things begin to spiral out of control, can Nicole figure out Brent’s plot in time to save her daughter, or will Lexi’s wild, murderous presence ensure Cameron’s end?

Entertainment Value: I love the Lifetime thriller formula, but it is nice when a new wrench is tossed into the gears, which Fiance Killer provides. This movie has the overprotective mom, naive daughter, and douche new boyfriend, but it also has the classic obsessed female, just with a fresh coat of paint. Lexi is driven to stalk, brood, and kill, just as Lifetime demands, but by having her on the fringe of the narrative, as a secret lover, it adds some new energy to the formula. Not a big shift by any means, but I do like that some effort was made to mix things up a little here. The overall narrative falls into the usual melodrama, betrayal, and family drama, all offered in substantial doses that ensure entertainment is high. I wouldn’t class this with the craziest Lifetime thrillers, but it does ramp up the melodrama and emotional outbursts, so it is by no means one of the more grounded ones. Jean Louise O’Sullivan has a smaller role as Lexi, but she steals a lot of scenes and nails the Lifetime psycho role quite well. Kari Wuhrer is also terrific as the concerned mother, while Felisha Cooper is hilarious as the clueless, naive daughter who is a total idiot. And of course, our leading man is beyond generic and unlikable, but this Lifetime, so that’s expected. In the end, I had fun with Fiance Killer and while it isn’t one of the top tier Lifetime melodramatic thrillers, it is a brisk watch that delivers on the usual Lifetime elements.

No nakedness. This one involves an odd, murderous love triangle, but there’s not even slight sleaze this time around. Which given what a dullard Brent is, perhaps that is for the best, as we might have fallen asleep. No real blood either, but we do have some fun, mild violence at times. As you might assume, the unstable Lexi is at the heart of all the lashing out and she’s rather ruthless, which is always good. So we do have some bursts of violence, but it is tame in terms of graphic elements, but it is fun to watch and really, that is what matters here. The dialogue is where Fiance Killer shines, as we have a nice cocktail of the usual Lifetime elements. This means emotional outbursts, melodramatic banter, stalker talk, family drama, and of course, one of the most naive young brides ever who is a constant source of clueless moments. I don’t think the dialogue here is all that quotable, but it is almost always a good time and there’s a consistent flow of drama in this one. The craziness here is solid, with the melodrama, dialed up performances, and unstable emotions, but as I said before, I wouldn’t rank this with Lifetime’s wildest movies, so it isn’t totally off the deep end.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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