Plot: Jerry (Ken Jarosz) is an average guy with an average life, but he is about to find himself pulled into an extraordinary situation. On a business trip, he checks in with an old friend and this leads to the suggestion of a wild night with a prostitute, but this hooker happens to be a teenager. Jerry is taken back by an underage girl being used as a sex slave and decides to take a stand, helping her to escape. Of course, the crime cartel that enslaved her isn’t too pleased with Jerry’s choice, so now he is on the run with the crooks hot on his trail. The thugs track down Jerry’s information and show up at his door, which leads to his beloved girlfriend being murdered in cold blood. Now Jerry is overwhelmed with the need for vengeance and he launches a one man war against these sadistic criminals.

Entertainment Value: An action/thriller from indie legend J.R. Bookwalter, Maximum Impact runs just over an hour, but packs a lot into that short duration. The narrative is a simple one, a familiar quest for vengeance thread that doesn’t break new ground, but is a lot of fun to watch. The movie’s limited resources are evident, so it looks cheap and the production values are low rent, but if you have a couple thousand bucks to work with, there’s only so much you can do. I think the movie compensates with ridiculous dialogue and some oddball moments, while the action scenes might be bad, but they still add entertainment value. I think I just have a soft spot for indie movies that show real passion and J.R. Bookwalter’s films always seem to have that and to me, that helps them overcome the low rent roots. Ken Jarosz has the lead here and turns in his usual stilted, but fun effort, while James Black is the stand out and makes for a competent villain. In the end, Maximum Impact is cheap, silly, and fun, a nice installment of 90s b movie action/thriller cinema.

No nakedness. The movie spends time in some sleazy locales, but the nudity is never dialed up. A little blood can be seen, including some during a snuff tape, but again, it is never graphic or over the top. I do think the movie would have been more fun with enhanced sleaze and violence, but I have to think this was a budget issue, as flesh and bloodshed aren’t always cheap. But despite the lack of those genre staples, the movie is never dull, thanks to a brisk pace and short run time. As for dialogue, James Black steals the show in most scenes and has some hilarious banter, including a strange, grotesque story to kickstart the movie. Jarosz also has some humorous lines and there’s some quirky moments throughout. Not a balls to the wall kind of writing perhaps, but some fun lines and colorful characters are present. Those same elements earn a couple crazy points, but the movie never quite goes off the deep end.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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