Plot: An ancient prophecy foretold of a son that would become a powerful warrior, to help save his people from the vicious Ungats. As it turned out, two sons would fall into the prophecy, but only one could become the invincible barbarian of the legend. After the Ungats terrorize the village of the two newborns, an Amazon rescues the babies and raises them as part of the Kuniat tribe. The stronger of the brothers was Gunan and it would be his destiny to avenge his people, with the help of the Kuniat, who trained him into this imposing warrior he has become. Now Gunan must unleash his fearsome power onto the Ungats and ensure no one else suffers the same fate as his people. But is he truly the invisible barbarian told in the prophecy, or will he get distracted by a woman and fall prey to Ungat himself?

Entertainment Value: This is a wild Italian sword & sandal flick from the 80s, one that has more than enough oddball moments and ridiculous dialogue to help it stand out in a crowded genre. To most people, this is likely a terrible, ham fisted movie that will either confuse or bore them, but I had a lot of fun here. The narrative is all over the place and throws in all sorts of lore, legends, and prophecies, most of which are just off the wall. I like the kitchen sink approach to the fantasy elements, as it just seems nuts at times and of course, I appreciate that. The tone is mostly serious, which makes things even wackier and of course, the English dub dials up the camp. The performances are over the top, even without the dialogue factored in, with an exaggerated, stage inspired type approach from most of the cast. Pietro Torrisi has the lead and just the kind of musclehead the role needs, while Malisa Longo, Rita Silva, and Emilio Messina also deliver some ham handed efforts here. If you’re a sword & sandal fan who prefers your adventures with ample camp, Gunan is one you should appreciate.

This one has some mild nakedness, a few brief topless shots and bare skin, but it is all fleeting and never graphic. Gunan’s love interest seems to lose her clothes in every situation however, which is humorous. I do love the torture scene where Gunan is forced to make love to his girl while spiked panels are driven into both, but again, this sounds insane, but little blood or sex is featured. There’s some light blood, but very fake and the violence is never graphic. The highlight is a disembowelment, which has some fake looking guts and has the victim stand still and look serious for several moments before he keels over. Most of the action is sword fights and you can see the blades wobble on contact, so no threat of slices or dices. I do think the battles are fun though and genre fans will appreciate some of the madcap running and dueling Gunan gets into in this one. The English dub track is loaded with terrible writing and outlandish lines, so there is a wealth of memorable dialogue. I mean just random, off the wall stuff and it adds a lot of fun here. As for craziness, the movie is a steady flow of wackiness, with tons of slow motion running sequences, a bitter peeping tom, some awful wigs, and even some pro wrestling moves thrown into the fights.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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