Plot: Jack (Brian Bosworth) is part of a special unit of the Air Force, the kind of guy who is sent on missions that no one else would want and perhaps no one else could manage to survive. Despite his decorated career in the Air Force, he was never able to become a pilot, which earned him the nickname Washout. After he stops a runaway nuclear weapon, he is assigned to protect a senator with presidential hopes, who is on the verge of a massive reveal that will shake up the entire government. He holds data that proves his rival has used his connections to not only help engineer a war in the Balkans, but profit by selling arms to both sides of the conflict. This leads to what should have been a routine flight, but instead a terrorist takeover steeped in conspiracies and coverups like no one could have imagined. But can Washout manage to once again save the day, even if he’s called on to man the cockpit?

Entertainment Value: A b action movie directed by Fred Olen Ray and with Brian Bosworth in the lead sounds like a dream combination, but in truth, Mach 2 fails to live up to that vast camp potential. The narrative here is a political thriller staged on a plane, with some mild action thrown in at times. As you’d expect, production values are modest to be kind and most of the movie unfolds inside a plane, so there’s not much going on at any given moment. So expect a lot of slow stretches and exposition, with a fun scene here or there to break up the lulls in the action. I don’t mind the lack of action so much, but I do wish the movie was a little more dynamic, like more colorful characters or some wild dialogue at times. Bosworth is fun, as he is always is, but he has little to work with here and just kind of moves from scene to scene. I know he’s not an elite level thespian, but let him uncork some one liners or knock some bad guys around, instead he just kind of hangs around in this one. Aside from Bosworth, the cast has Shannon Whirry, Michael Dorn, Andrew Stevens, and Cliff Robertson, so a solid lineup for DTV, but no one is given much of a chance to shine. As much as I love Bosworth, Mach 2 is impossible to recommend.

No nakedness. No one seems to want to join the Mile High Club in this one, perhaps because no one wants to fuck at MACH 2! But seriously, no sleaze here. No blood. As I’ve said, there’s not much action in this one and since there’s little violence, it stands to reason the bloodshed would be minimal. A few brief, poorly staged scuffles and a humorous “woman in danger of being sucked out of the plane door” scene are the closest things to action Mach 2 provides. But, you do get to see Bosworth punch a chick in the face, so there’s that. I wish this one had some goofy or at least interesting dialogue, but just a few fun lines from Bosworth is all we’re given. Seems like a waste to use him in this kind of role, as he struggles with the dramatic moments and isn’t able to lean on his charisma or action skills. I also would have loved some craziness, but no such luck this time around. This one is rather bland and kind of plods along, until it finally collapses at the end credits.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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