Plot: Riley (Valene Kane) was an elite level CIA agent, but when she decided to pull back the curtain and reveal some hard truths, she was banished and pretty much lost her entire life in the process. The price for her to shine light on corruption was immense, but she chose to do the right thing, despite the toll on her own life. But a second chance seems to knock on her door when her old partner reaches out with an interesting offer, a way to clear her name and once again battle corruption. All she needs to do is lend a hand as part of an investigation into an extensive money laundering operation, shut it down and she can reclaim her life. As she wants to go home and have the truth about her actions known, she agrees to assist on the dangerous mission. But can she truly trust the same government that once hunted her down?

Entertainment Value: ExPatriot is a thriller with a steep political slant, as well as some spy related elements. The premise is simple, but effective and sets the stage for some nice twists and turns. I do think it is on the predictable side, but it still works and I found it to be consistently interesting to watch. I mean, the movie doesn’t do much we haven’t seen before, but it is well made and holds your interest. I don’t always need inventive or bold cinema, sometimes I want a capable thriller and that is what ExPatriot is. This one has solid production values and as a product of MarVista, that is no surprise. I don’t think anyone will confuse this with a two hundred million dollar blockbuster, but ExPatriot is well crafted and never feels like a low rent thriller. Valene Kane has the lead and is a more than capable performer, able to pull off whatever the material needed, from drama to romance to some light action scenes. I think she has a real charisma and her presence added a lot to this one. The rest of the cast isn’t quite up to that level, but we still have good efforts from Charlie Weber, David Valencia, and Marcela Mar. In the end, if you appreciate solid, well made thrillers that have a political/spy slant, ExPatriot is a solid choice.

No nakedness. This movie has a couple love scenes, but they’re tasteful and no naked flesh is on showcase. No blood. ExPatriot has some action scenes, mostly chases and some shootouts, but none of it is graphic or gratuitous. And while I appreciate rampant bloodshed, the tone of the material doesn’t call for over the top violence, so it makes sense to have minimal graphic bloodshed. As for dialogue, the writing is passable and quite serious in tone, which means not much wild or outlandish dialogue. Riley has a few nice lines here and there, though the serious tone means limited one liners. But the low score reflects the lack of those memorable or outrageous lines, not the overall quality of the film’s material. Not much craziness to report either, as the movie is grounded and serious, which lessens the odds of wackiness.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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