Plot: A sleazy photographer tires of the militant feminists in his town, as he feels they are stealing all the hot women from underneath him. He comes up with a plan to expose the feminists as super horny lesbians, as he sends in an undercover recruit to join up with the women and observe their operation. Although she doesn’t care about the social issues involved, the recruit notices a distinct lack of sexual release at the feminist compound. As the women indulge in lesbian love and using soda bottles to ease their tensions, the recruit brings in her own boyfriend, to post as a mute and work as a caretaker. But will the feminists give in now that a penis is readily available, or will they stick true to their mantra of down with men?

Entertainment Value: This is a wild one, made to poke fun at militant feminism and of course, showcase a metric ton of naked flesh. Of course, more uptight viewers might be offended by the way feminists are portrayed, but if you take a movie like this one that seriously, that’s your first mistake. This is zaniness, with broad humor and lame, but still hilarious jokes, as well as an absurd overall tone that ensures you don’t try to digest this as some kind of political or social statement. It seems like the cast really embraced the ridiculous nature of the material, as everyone seems to dial up the camp and have a lot of fun in their performances. As soon as you see the woman screaming at passersby when the movie opens, you know what the sense of humor will be like and it only gets more outrageous from that point. The cast boasts some notable talent as well, with Candy Samples, Roxanne Brewer, Sunny Boyd, and one of the true legends of erotic cinema, the glorious Uschi Digard. This one is pure silliness, but it is so much fun and of course, has plenty of sex and sleaze to go around. If you’re a fan of 70s erotica or cult cinema in general, you’ll want to see Female Chauvinists.

This movie is loaded with sex and naked flesh, including several hardcore scenes as icing on the cake. Not all of the sex is shown in vivid detail, but there’s a number of full on fuck sessions here, so if you’re squeamish about unsimulated erotica, beware all these genitals! There’s few scenes that don’t have nakedness of some kind, with a wealth of breasts, asses, cocks, and of course, rich, full bush on showcase. The actual sex includes oral, threesomes, and graphic penetration, sometimes while a horse watches like a perv and one scene where he’s had enough and breaks up the coitus. So not all hardcore sex in this one, but there’s a ton of nudity, sleaze, and real sex to be had. No blood. A headbutt to the ass is as violent as this one gets. The dialogue is outlandish, over the top, and an absolute blast. The cast really ramps up the camp value and runs with the silly material, which is packed with oddball, quotable, and just ridiculous lines. I can see how some might be offended or think it is just stupid humor, but I found it to be consistently fun stuff. As for craziness, this one has tons of outrageous lines, characters, and situations, so it delivers the wackiness. The zany tone lessens the insanity a little, but still a lot of crazy, wacky shit to be seen here.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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