Plot: A murder in New York City doesn’t raise many eyebrows, but when the killer is a savage cannibal with a blowgun, it attracts a little more attention than usual. After a few darts take out locals, the killer is finally taken down and on his person is a strange film reel. The reel shows some kind of violent, cannibalistic cult in New Guinea, led by a charismatic madman. This revelation prompts Shiela (Janet Agren) to venture into the dark jungles, as her sister is in the area and has vanished, so Shiela believes she has been taken by this bizarre cult. As the area is dangerous and uncharted, she hires war vet Mark (Robert Kerman) to take her to the cult and help liberate her sister, in exchange for eighty thousand bucks. But even with Mark’s virile presence at her side, can she brave the horrors of the cult, the cannibals, and jungle’s wrath?

Entertainment Value: I love the cannibal movies realm, but I do hate that so much real violence against animals happens in the genre. So I should open with that, as if you can’t take scenes of animals being killed, splayed, and eaten, Eaten Alive is likely to send you running for the door. But you can tell when these scenes are about to happen, so you can always close your eyes or fast forward, as outside of those sequences, Eaten Alive is a fun movie that has some wild elements. I know some dislike the use of stock footage at times and hold this one as a “b tier” cannibal movie, but I think it has enough sleaze, gore, and outlandish moments to more than earn its keep in the genre. Eaten Alive hits all the notes you want from a cannibal movie, the violence, the sex, the savages, the locale, and a nasty, mean spirited vibe that permeates the entire experience. This one also has the fun Jonestown elements and wild, over the top cult leader Jonas, which only serve to enhance the entertainment value even more. The cast here includes genre veterans Robert Kerman, Ivan Rassimov, and an ever topless Me Me Lai. I wouldn’t rank it as highly as Cannibal Holocaust, but Eaten Alive is easily one of the top tier cannibal movies and gives you all the nastiness the genre is known for.

A parade of topless women are on showcase here, with bare asses, limp dicks, and sizable bush also on the menu. The sex scenes aren’t graphic and while rape happens, it isn’t as violent as some films or done for fetishistic sake. In some cases, it is part of odd fertility rituals or the like, very matter of fact and barely sexual. As for carnage, this one has a ton of animal related violence, but also racks up some traditional gore, though some is stock footage from other cannibal movies. But Eaten Alive features a good amount of well, cannibalism and includes one wild sequence where a woman is split open and feasted upon that gorehounds should appreciate. Some of the other fun includes castration, decapitation, assorted torture, non consensual ear removal, and various disembowelment and flesh devouring. On the dialogue side, Jonas and his nonsense leads to some fun lines and there’s some ritual driven lingo, but this one is more nasty than wacky. The craziness scale tilts for the mean spirited violence, ritualistic nonsense, and of course, the film’s crown jewel, a scene where Jonas soaks a ritual dildo in fresh snake blood and rapes a woman with it, much to the delight of the crowd of onlookers.

Nudity: 8/10

Blood: 7/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 6/10

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