Plot: A man (Brock Madson) has become deeply addicted to a powerful drug known as Krokodil, even as his mind and body crumble from the abuse. He remembers a better time, when the world was brighter and he wasn’t this shell of himself, but when he is high, he is able to escape the hellish reality he has created. His isolated existence is filled with delusions, hallucinations, and suffering, though the world outside doesn’t seem to be doing much better. But how much abuse can he endure before his mind, body, and soul collapse into the abyss?

Entertainment Value: This is a dark one, as we’re taken inside the decaying existence of a drug addict and given a hellish tour of his twisted, delusional mind. The movie has some narration, but otherwise relies on visuals and the experience, so it doesn’t lean on traditional narrative methods. Brock Madson has the lead and delivers a memorable effort, a performance that asks a lot of him, but he comes through in bold, fearless fashion throughout. His presence has to shoulder a lot, since there’s no story in the usual sense and dialogue is very limited, so this had to be an immense challenge and his work is remarkable. The production design is excellent as well, creating this dank, disgusting locale that makes you want to shower just from looking at it, as grime, blood, and other fluids permeate every square inch here. As gross as his place is, the man himself is just as crusty and soaked in nastiness, so it all vile and putrid in Red Krokodil. The atmosphere is a crucial element of the experience, shifting between claustrophobic mania and wide open outdoors scenes. This is an unsettling, off the rails cinematic ride, but for fans of creative, dark outsider art, Red Krokodil is highly recommended.

While the movie has no traditional sex scenes, the man is naked for most of the duration and he does hump the wall and in a weird moment, himself. Or he at least makes out with himself, which is still pretty romantic. So a lot of man ass and flipping, flopping penis can be seen in this one, including one hilarious sequence where he rolls down a hill and his junk jiggles to no end. There’s some bloodshed as well, from hideous wounds thanks to the ravages of addiction to more…advanced shades of crimson. This includes a minor hurricane of blood draining from the man’s ass, fisting an eye socket, lighting an eye on fire, and of course, self crucifixion. As if all the nasty, dank visuals otherwise weren’t gross enough, the film is generous enough to provide us with these wonderful moments of bloodshed to boot. Aside from the narration, there’s no real dialogue and as such, no real space for wild or outlandish lines. But for sheer craziness, this movie not only centers on a drug addict, but it makes you feel like you’ve shot up a big dose of Red Krokodil yourself. This is a nightmarish ride through the hells of addiction, with all the delusions, suffering, and madness you could want.

Nudity: 4/10

Blood: 7/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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