Plot: David (Chris Mark) seems like a typical high school student, but when armed soldiers raid his classroom, it becomes clear that isn’t the case. He has always been troubled by hazy memories that involve some violent visions, but he seems to have repressed the full memories. When he is surrounded by armored, heavily armed men however, his memories burst back to life and he is able to unleash a torrent of martial arts on his attackers. He is able to escape, but even on the run he knows those around him are still in danger, so he can’t just hide and hope the danger passes. He plans to make a stand and battle those who want to hunt him down, but he needs to unlock all of his memories, to access his full power. But can David fend off waves of attackers and survive long enough to uncover the truth?

Entertainment Value: If you like fast paced, frantic action with little to no filler, Kill Order is just what you need. The movie is packed with wild brawls, which are well staged and have a blistering pace, a lot of hyper kinetic movement and attacks, very cool stuff. The film’s director James Mark and his brother/lead actor Chris both have deep backgrounds in martial arts and stunt work, which helps Kill Order overcome some obvious resource limitations. Chris is a lot of fun to watch here, bringing a lightning fast presence to the action scenes. I also think James did some rock solid direction, though the movie suffers when the action dies down. I do feel like this movie sometimes feels more like a demo reel than a feature film, as not much attention is paid to the narrative or characters, with the action scenes being the sole focus. But the movie runs under 80 minutes and loads in a ton of action scenes, so perhaps it was best to chase action, rather than draw out the thin narrative. In any case, Kill Order is a fun, well crafted indie action flick that genre fans should appreciate.

No nakedness. There’s a light romance aspect to the narrative, but it isn’t explored much, as there’s asses that need kicked. The bulk of the bloodshed comes from gun battles, but it is all CGI and looks weak. Given the sci/fi slant, I feel like the blood isn’t all that necessary, especially when it looks this ineffective. You all know I love the red stuff, but sometimes none works better than poorly crafted digital effects. A few other instances of  carnage pop up, but happen off screen. But the action is a blast here, with frequent and wild brawls. I loved the super fast pace of the fights, as it felt so frantic and in the moment, but never rushed or sloppy in execution. The variety is quite good as well, with multi-opponent fights and various weapons, so the battles never feel recycled or repetitive. The dialogue is fine, but the movie doesn’t invest much into the characters or narrative, so the lines aren’t memorable. The action speaks louder than the words, which is fine in this case. The craziness here is minimal, as it never gets too wild or out of control.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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