Plot: Years have passed since Terry (Louis Tripp) battled demons and closed a hellish portal, but he almost wishes he was still knee deep in the occult. His life is rather dull these days, as he is a social outcast and doesn’t have a lot going on, especially since his father is having some serious personal issues. As his dad slips into alcoholism, Terry knows he can call on the demonic forces for assistance, but that would also risk things getting out of control. His love for his father drives him to begin the ritual, only to be barged in on by some local bullies, who mock his nerdy ways, but soon want to be part of the ritual. One small demon is brought through the portal, as that will help Terry get his wish granted, but hopefully still easy to manage. But when the demon is stolen and its powers abused, Terry once again has to battle the darkness or risk the demonic force going out of control.

Entertainment Value: The original Gate movie might be better in the traditional sense, but Gate II is much more fun to watch. The narrative here has threads that connect to the original, such as the demon minion and good old Terry, but it takes a detour in most other aspects. This movie dials up the teen humor, splashes in a lot of b movie cheese, and puts our hero Terry in the lead. I can see why people might not like the guy, but I always thought Terry was one of the cooler parts of the original, so I appreciate him being the focus this time around. The metal element of his character is toned down however, which is a let down. I also loved how ridiculous Gate II can be at times, from the tonal shifts to the shit wishes, to the low rent elements, I think it works from an entertainment perspective, even if it is cheesier than the first picture. The original had a good sense of humor as well, but the laughs here come from unintentional sources, so it is just camp goodness. Louis Tripp returns as Terry and is even more awkward the second time around, while Pamela Adlon is here as his potential love interest and we also have a couple of outlandish, 80s style bullies. Gate II is cheese, but it is super fun cheese and those who appreciate b movie horror should find a lot to like here, or at least a lot of laughs.

No nakedness. I mean, Terry might be bold enough to battle demons, but he’s in way over his head with this chick. This one doesn’t have much blood, but it has some cool creature effects and some nice, ooze soaked melting effects. The bathroom meltdown is a highlight, especially with a nosy waiter looming just outside, wondering why it is taking so long for this guy to shit. The lovable demon minion returns and we also have other creature elements, from a massive, stop motion demon to some wild transformations endured by our characters. Not all of these effects look good, but they all look cool and add to the fun here. As for dialogue, there’s more fun lines here than you might think, between Terry’s banter and the bullies, who provide a good amount of comic relief for kids that carry a handgun. On the craziness front, we have a low rent, hokey finale, questionable narrative choices, an awkward romance, and general b movie cheese, so it earns some wackiness points.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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