Plot: Sheila (Holli Dillon) was supposed to meet some friends in the woods, but she and her boyfriend can’t seem to locate their friends’ camp. The two trudge all over the forest, but are unable to get even a trace of their friends, though they do run into a manic, quite odd fellow. Ben (David White) brandishes an ax and a stern warning, telling the couple to leave the woods now, before it is too late. He informs them that the forest is home to someone known as Little Sister and more than likely, their friends are dead and if they don’t leave, they will be next. But they laugh off his raving as paranoia, then enjoy a nice fuck session, before Ben once again intrudes and offers them one last chance to get the hell out of the woods. But is Ben just a maniac ranting about local legends, or is there a dark presence in the darkness?

Entertainment Value: The premise here is a common one, as a weekend in the woods turns into a bloodbath, thanks to some creeper in the forest. But I appreciated the simple narrative and return to a more straight forward slasher approach, which is what My Little Sister provides. This is all about a maniac in the woods hunting down victims, a concept that is tried and true in this genre and for the most part, it is well executed here, despite limited resources. The narrative doesn’t shake up the conventions much, but it does throw in a few wrenches to keep things a little fresh, but still within the usual slasher tropes. I loved the old man shouting doom at the couple, the creepy, unstable woman, and the old fashioned slasher vibes present here, not to mention the cool lead in Holli Dillon. Her turn here is fun to watch and she has a lot of charm, while her costars in David White and Lucia Castellano also add to the good times, with two very colorful performances. While it doesn’t do much new or inventive, My Little Sister is a solid indie slasher that is well worth a look for genre fans.

This movie starts off with tits right after the opening credits end, but it can’t sustain that level of sleaze, sadly. There’s some tent sex that gives us another topless scene, but that’s all the nakedness in this one. The kills aren’t all that creative, but we get some splashy red stuff at times, including one especially nasty stab wound. I also liked the melting face that pops in, but most of the bloodshed here is rather tame and doesn’t drip, gush, or flow like wine. The killer’s gross face helps however and in the end, the kills are fine, just needed a goose of some crimson. A few good lines here, but not many and most come from the rantings of the crazy (or is he) old man. I would have loved some wild lines or outlandishness, but no such luck. This trend continues into the craziness section, as the movie never embraces the madness and runs off the rails, staying close to the slasher conventions.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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