Plot: Brooke (Sarah Butler) was just promoted at work and to celebrate, she had a few drinks with her fiance, Lance (Steven Good). On the ride home, Lance didn’t see a man shuffling across the road and ran him over, then lost control of the vehicle and wound up in an even worse accident. Now Lance has a broken leg, but the young couple is alive, though the man they ran down wasn’t so lucky. After some excellent hospital care, Lance is discharged, but he will need home nursing, so an agency sends over Chloe (Lindsay Hartley). She is perky and helpful, taking good care of Lance and even doing chores like laundry and such. But she begins to have feelings for Lance, coupled with her unhappy home life and soon, she is semi-obsessed. When she makes a bold move to win Lance’s affection, he rebuffs her and she is crushed. This is when it becomes clear that Chloe is not a stable person and her shady past begins to surface, but is Chloe a crazy bitch or just someone who needs help?

Entertainment Value: This movie opens with a Gordon Ramsay knockoff yelling in a kitchen, shifts to a man being run down by car, then takes us to a hospital where Traci Lords is a kind nurse. If this isn’t enough to make you want to watch Nightmare Nurse, I don’t know what else you need, but keep in mind, this is before we even meet the unstable stalker. Once Chloe arrives, the movie turns up the Lifetime style heat, with paranoia, obsession, and creepy sleep kisses. Chloe is a fantastic character, as she is clearly unhinged, but she still elicits sympathy, as she seems to have a heart, just a wild mind. When she is rejected by Lance, she spirals into a dark place and makes some poor choices, but she still conveys a human side. Lindsay Hartley plays Chloe and really nails the role, giving us the over the top creepiness the role demands, but also the heart and emotion that makes us not hope she gets murdered. The rest of the cast is mostly fine, but Steven Good is miserable as the helpless fiance and really dampens what could have been some great interactions with Chloe. Traci Lords is indeed on deck and she is fun to watch, while Sarah Butler is solid as the inattentive, work obsessed girlfriend. A lot of drama, creepiness, and girl on girl bitterness ensure Nightmare Nurse is a lot of fun for fans of the Lifetime movies realm.

No nakedness of course, but we do get some hate sex and some super creepy touching from Chloe, capped off by kissing Lance while he is asleep. No blood really, but some fun moments of violence do unfold. The early scene where a guy is run over is quite cool and I rewound it several times, which I know makes me a sick person, but it was a pretty wild scene for a Lifetime movie. Chloe also fights with her boyfriend at times, shoves an old lady down, and we have a finale that uncorks some tense moments. So no bloodshed, but some nice drama driven mayhem is here. In the dialogue realm, we have Chloe’s balance of genuine caring and off the handle lunacy, with some fun creepy stalker lines and emotional outbursts. Traci Lords has a very restrained performance, but that in and of itself is a little wacky, I think. I found the Gordon Ramsay ripoff to be fun as well, but otherwise, not much to talk about. As far as craziness, Chloe steals the show with her wild mood swings and unpredictable behavior. But since she does come across as being a sweet girl despite her manic moments, we still love her. Aside from Chloe and the usual high drama of Lifetime, this one sticks close to the usual elements.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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