Plot: Tom is a hard working man, but between the bills piling up and concerns about trusting his new wife, his mind has started to crack. His ex-wife cheated on him, so it is hard for him to trust anyone, let alone his beautiful new wife, who attracts all kinds of attention from various men. He has suspicions, but when he discovers a journal where his wife details her sexual exploits with other men, he finally has proof and he goes right off the deep end. The latest man to seduce his beloved happens to be his best friend, but that doesn’t stop him from killing him and burying him in the backyard. Now he has realized how great it feels to get even with these horny men, so he uses the journal as a guide to begins to hunt down the offenders. The bodies pile up, the blood flies, and his wife’s sexual adventures never seem to end. But will Tom’s murderous ways finally catch up with him, perhaps in most unexpected ways?

Entertainment Value: This review covers the director’s cut of Killing Spree, which runs just over 106 minutes. An unhinged husband on a rampage, a wife exploring her sexual limits with strangers, and a dark sense of humor are all core elements of Killing Spree, an insanely fun slice of low budget 80s horror. The oddly named Asbestos Felt has the lead and he is immense fun to watch in action, as he looks like a railyard rapist and behaves in manic, unstable ways. The level of enthusiasm in the performance is just a thing of beauty, as Felt conveys the brink-of-madness Tom with maniacal faces, frantic violence, and a sense of happiness, as Tom is finally feeling better about himself, despite being surrounded by mutilated corpses. He steals the show and carries the movie well, but the rest of the cast is fun too, with a selection of colorful folks like a karate tv repairman who collects second place trophies, an animated delivery guy in a cowboy hat, and a chunky guy who mows lawns when the waves aren’t bodacious. So in addition to the rampant gore and dark humor, Killing Spree keeps us entertained with this parade of memorable characters. This has all the lunacy, bloodshed, and over the top, low rent fun you could want from a micro budget 80s horror movie, so if you’re a horror fan, you need this one in your collection.

No nakedness. I know, the story hinges on the wild sex life of Tom’s wife Leeza and all, but we just get a couple teases. I know you were hoping for a graphic lesbian scene between Leeza and the nosy old bitch neighbor, but sadly, that fantasy will have to remain unfulfilled. But what it lacks in breasts, Killing Spree balances out with blood and showcases a wealth of low rent, high fun gore. The nosy old lady gets her face cave in, a guy takes a screwdriver to the skull, hands are mowed off, bad karate duels are fought, a someone hacksaws their own neck. In other words, this one is soaked in blood and while the effects aren’t cutting edge, they show immense creativity and are always a blast to watch in action. The finale has some fun makeup effects as well, as all hell breaks loose and the movie spirals into total madness. The dialogue is hilarious, between Tom’s paranoid ranting and raving, Leeza’s awkward seduction techniques, and the offbeat personas of the victims. Tom is of course the source of most of the best moments, but there’s some great lines spread across the entire cast. Even a quick trip to a magazine office results in some cringe sexual harassment, followed by swift social justice, as the lord intended. Just the mere presence of Asbestos Felt is enough to earn some crazy points, as he looks so unstable and turns in such a wild performance, but then we also have the bizarre assortment of victims, enthusiastic gore set pieces, and dark humor that runs through the entire movie.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 8/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 8/10

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