Plot: Although Mr. Prince (Jeffrey Niles) is indeed a handsome, wealthy price, he opts for a more down to earth lifestyle. He works hard at the office and when he wants to relax, he heads out to a lush nudist resort to soak in the sun’s loving rays. One weekend at the resort, he meets a woman named Eve Pringle (Sandra Sinclair) who sparks his interest and her blonde hair captivates him. Eve happens to be a twin, but it is easy to tell her from her sister Sue (also Sinclair), as she is a blonde and Sue is a brunette. Sue is also less outgoing and tends to put her work ahead of her social life, while Eve parties it up and enjoys a lot of attention. Soon Eve and Mr. Prince are engaged in a flirtatious back and forth, while Sue fawns over Mr. Prince from a distance. When Eve leaves town for a wedding, Sue sees a chance to make a bold move, so she dyes her hair blonde and intends to woo Mr. Prince.

Entertainment Value: This is Doris Wishman’s last nudist movie, but it was hard to track down since only print survived and it was German, so the original audio was lost to time. But Alternative Cinema tracked down the original dialogue through the censor records, rerecorded the lines, and now we have an English language version of The Prince and the Nature Girl. While the dubbed lines aren’t ideal, the truth is most of Wishman’s movies featured looped dialogue, so it isn’t that much of a concern in the bigger picture. The movie is what you’d expect from a Wishman nudist movie, a brisk romance narrative, some interesting female characters, and of course, a wealth of on location nudist resort footage. In truth, a lot of the non-narrative elements in this movie are stock footage or recycled shots from other nudist movies, but it doesn’t really dampen the fun much. I mean, naked teeter-totter action is fun whether it is first run or reused, I think. The storyline is a fun one, an innocent tale of a sister living in her sister’s shadow, ready to make a move to find love. While perhaps not as quirky or memorable as Wishman’s higher profile productions, this one is still a fun watch and it has some solid sexploitation value. I appreciate the efforts that went into finally giving this movie a proper release and for fans of Wishman, nudist movies, or sexploitation, this one belongs in the collection.

This movie takes place at a nudist resort, so there’s bound to be nakedness. A lot of breasts and bare asses, but this is innocent, sexploitation style nudity, no sexual context involved. The men even show some ass, but of course, they’re always wearing little shorts to ensure no baggage is displayed. The women also sit with crossed legs or at careful angles, to make sure full frontal is never on the menu. This adds some humor at times, as the girls swing with their legs crossed or sit in strange configurations to keep the angles right. No blood. No violence in this one, so by turn, no bloodshed. The dialogue is rerecorded, but uses the original script. Some silly lines come through between the twins and the narrator, so it’s fun stuff. A few quotable lines and awkward humor emerge, including a cheesy one liner to cap off the movie. Not all that much in terms of craziness here, though it does provide ample footage of casual nudism. I appreciated the naked horseshoes and suction cup archery, not to mention the fun loving folks riding the teeter-totter in the buff.

Nudity: 6/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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