Plot: Joe (Carmine Capobianco) is a mild mannered strip club owner, the kind of guy who offers advice to the drunks and slaughters women in his spare time. His life as a slasher has perks, since he takes great pleasure in murder, but his life still has a void of sorts. The right woman could do wonders for his life, but he can’t seem to find just the ideal companion. But then he meets Kate (Debi Thibeault), a manicurist who makes his heart flutter and shares his interest. Not only is Kate also a serial killer, but she hates grapes and that is enough to convince Joe to let her live, then kick off a relationship for the ages. The two continue their murderous ways, but also go through the usual trials and tribulations of love, driven by their passion for killing and each other. Even when jealousies fire up, the two find ways to keep the peace. But as time passes and things start to cool off, can they keep their romance burning bright, especially when a cannibal plumber lurks just around the corner?

Entertainment Value: A horror/comedy that combines murder, gore, and bad jokes, Psychos in Love is quite a unique curio in the 80s horror archive. The emphasis is on the humor, as the movie never makes much of an attempt to scare anyone, but the horror flavor is always palpable in this one. A kind of love letter to the genre, the movie makes a lot of references to other movies and not just horror, as it also borrows and parodies some romantic comedy conventions. So if you’re a genre regular, you’re bound to get a lot more out of this than someone who doesn’t have a basic knowledge of 80s horror and such. The humor is over the top, even zany at times, but the horror roots keep it on point and it rarely spins off into nonsense. The material is of course on the dated side, but it holds up overall and offers strong nostalgia, as it is dipped and soaked in 80s horror culture, to be sure. The performances are in line with the goofy material, with Carmine Capobianco) really running with the concept and going camp, while Debu Thibeault is a little more reserved, but still fun to watch. Psychos in Love might not be polished, but it has heart and passion for the genre, which tips the balance a lot. So for fans of 80s horror, this one is well recommended.

This one has over half a dozen topless girls and while the scenes aren’t extensive, breasts are breasts. In addition to the numerous topless shots, the movie also packs in a brief full frontal nod, as well. So not soaked in sleaze by any means, but it does showcase more breasts than most. A good amount of blood and body parts are strewn about in this one, but not much visible, kinetic violence. So we see fingers in the drain, a head on a plate, and pools of the red stuff, but the gore causing mischief is rarely on screen. And when it is, the effects are hokey and never graphic. But given the film’s comedic tone, sudden bursts of realistic violence might not have worked well. In any event, there is blood in a number of scenes and the crimson splashes often, but don’t expect a buffet of on screen carnage. The dialogue is jokey and often over the top, so a lot of your enjoyment hinges on your sense of humor. I think a good deal of the humor works, it is silly and campy, but it is often humorous. Joe’s interactions with the bar patrons is a good example, as these are corny as hell, but still elicit a laugh. The writing also puts some interesting spins on well worn relationship issues, which adds some potential laughs. On the craziness side, we have serial killers who fall in love, a guy who always wears his karate gi to the strip club, a cannibal plumber, death by nail file, a stripper that simply refuses to just die, and the overall offbeat vibe that permeates every scene here. Not a totally off the rails kind of movie, but certainly an odd, rather unique take on the genre.

Nudity: 4/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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