Plot: An alien rocket has landed in a rural area and a creature has emerged, a grotesque green beast with tube-like eyes and strange patches of hair. This alien menace is as mean as he looks too, slithering up to innocent victims and slowing gulping them down, to feed his insatiable alien blood lust. But while this otherworldly monster has stalked in peace to this point, word has started to spread about the rocket, though no one is sure what the spacecraft could mean. While local enforcement tries to salvage some information, they learn that the visitor isn’t a friendly one and launch a search mission. In the meantime, the alien has claimed more victims and even made it to a dance hall, where he breaks up the good times and tries to swallow the dancers. The police are joined by military backup, but the monster even claims some of the soldiers as snacks and seems to be quite the unstoppable force. Can anyone stop this rampaging alien before he feeds on every last human?

Entertainment Value: I do love old monster movies that feature jank creatures and of course, few creatures are as jank as the creeping terror. This monster is a glacially slow crawling carpet, with some tubes, hoses, and mangy fur spackled on, so it makes for a wild main attraction. I especially love that while some films hide their lackluster creations, The Creeping Terror puts this beast on full showcase often, so we can soak in every last detail. The premise here is actually a decent one, with the alien feeding so it can gather information about humans and report back to its home planet, but that is smashed into a small bit of narration. So the real draw here is the creature and hey, at least it eats a lot of people and has ample screen time, right? The performances are hokey and thanks to some audio issues, a narrator often speaks over the characters, letting us know what they have said. This is an odd approach and it makes an already silly movie even more offbeat. This is obvious a deep dipped cheese flick, but there’s a lot of charm despite the obvious shortcomings involved. The movie also has an interesting story about how it was made, which was turned into a movie itself, titled The Creep Behind the Camera. If you’re a fan of old school b movie monsters and hilarious special effects, this one more than warrants a look.

No nakedness. The creeper rips off a girl’s clothes at the dance hall, but she has deft hands and manages to cover herself up. There’s some minor blood involved, including from a wicked haymaker, but not much. In a movie like this, graphic violence is unlikely and the lack of bloodshed is never a concern. The dialogue is terrible, but adds some unintentional humor and the narrator proves to be a fun element as well. I mean, why listen to the characters when a guy can just tell us “here’s what Martin had to say” and similar phrases. Yes, it is annoying and even jarring at first, but if you embrace it, it can add some real laughs. As far as craziness, this is a movie about a carpet that shimmies across the screen, so yeah, it is has some wackiness. The dance hall scene is wild, the narrator is a trip, the creeping terror humps a car into submission, and of course, the monster is attacked by a guitar wielding hipster. So not totally nuts by any means, but some fun, odd moments.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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