Plot: The overworked staff of a small business are about to be pushed even more, as they’ve been ordered to remain at work until the latest deadlines have been met. This means a lot of pissed off people of course, especially when the boss himself leaves to enjoy his weekend. Jenny (Jessica Cunningham) is one of the workers at the office and while she is irritated, she decides to make good use of the time and skip most of her work to exercise. She is also still coping with a sexual assault some months back, when she was drugged and raped in a bathroom stall. Unknown to her, the man who assaulted her has invaded the office building where she works, with plans to pick up where he left off and kill whoever stands in his path. And this is no run of the mill rapist, but a sadistic clown who stalks the office halls. Can she or anyone else survive the murderous rampage of this vicious clown?

Entertainment Value: I love the premise of a twisted clown hunting people down in an office building, but sadly, Clown Kill falls into a lot of the same mistakes as similar micro budget horror films. The first scene is a wild one, as a strange clown drugs then date rapes a woman, but that is soon forgotten as we spend about half hour getting to know a dull band of office workers. Once the clown arrives on the scene, things pick up a little, but not enough to reel in genre fans. The pace remains slow and little happens between sparse kills, besides some mundane conversations. A bright spot is when a guy dons a SWAT outfit he bought online, then pisses his pants after a coworker fools him with one of the oldest tricks in the book. The kills themselves are off screen and provide little blood or creative presence, while the clown is never scary or creepy, outside of his sexual assault tendencies. I wanted a wild, over the top clown or an ominous one, but this just feels like a corny guy in greasepaint. No real effort is made to build atmosphere or mood, so this seems like a bad office drama with a few kills laced in. A dull, mostly lifeless affair that wastes a pretty decent premise.

No nakedness. A little blood at times, but the violence is never graphic and the actual carnage is never shown. So a throat is slashed and we see a little blood in the shower, but not the actual wound. A scene late in the movie offers some aftermath visuals, but again, the kinetic violence is always off screen in this one. A shovel attack features some lame CGI, after which the shovel is back to being clean as a whistle, with no blood whatsoever visible. I know budget limitations can dampen the gore in indie horror, but I think creative approaches could have balanced that out. Here we just have what seem to be rushed, even lazy horror elements that add little to the movie. The dialogue is mostly basic stuff, aside from a humorous bit of small penis humiliation when a female office worker roasts the boss. The clown should have been a goldmine in this area, but his one liners just flop. I could have even appreciated lines so bad, they’re cringe good, but no such luck. No real craziness either, though I suppose a clown date raping women in bathroom stalls is creepy enough for one point. This one is slow and not much happens, some over the top hjinks could have helped a lot, I think.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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