Plot: Charlotte (Lauren Alaina) left her country roots behind and moved to Los Angeles, to pursue her dreams of country music stardom. She found success and a breakup song about her ex even sparked a career as a songwriter, but she longs to be the one on stage herself. As she tries to pen a new song for someone else to perform, she is also stressed about her upcoming nuptials, only a week off. As if the other pressures weren’t enough, she can’t find a wedding dress she likes and with time running out, she makes a bold choice to return to her hometown. After all, the dress her late mother wore would be the perfect dress, so she heads home to borrow the gown. With her best friends in tow, she ventures back to the countryside and plans to drink a little, relax in the peaceful locale, and return home with her ideal dress. But when she bumps into her old flame, things get a little complicated, to say the least. Will this trip back home prove to be just what she needed, or will Charlotte wish she had stayed in LA?

Entertainment Value: This is a movie about a country singer played by a country singer, named after a song performed by said country singer. Road Less Traveled is a brisk, easy to digest comedy that dabbles in friendship, romance, and of course, chasing your dreams of country music fame. Lauren Alaina is the lead and in essence, this is a vehicle for her and her music. I wouldn’t say she is a skilled thespian, but she has a certain kind of awkward charm on camera, which works well for this material. The scenes with her and her friends on a bender are highlights, as Alaina’s drunk persona is quite fun and super cute. Again, her performance is on the shaky side, but she is able to make it work thanks to her charisma and charm. The rest of the cast is fine as well, with Charlene Tilton as a colorful relative who makes homemade liquor as one of the more memorable supporting roles. The writing is about what you’d expect given the genre, nothing too fancy, but it does what genre fans look for. And of course, if you’re a fan of Alaina or country music, you’ll like the soundtrack as well. Road Less Traveled doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, but it does what romantic comedies are supposed to and Alaina is a lot of fun to watch here. So if you’re a fan of country music, Lauren Alaina, or rom coms, you should give this one a chance.

No nakedness. No blood. This is a family friendly comedy, so its no surprise that these elements are absent. The closest thing to a sex scene here is a quick kiss, so don’t expect things to get hot & heavy in this one. The dialogue is fine, basic romantic comedy type stuff in most scenes. Alaina’s sometimes awkward, but cute performance yields some humorous lines, while the drunk scenes also have some fun lines from the intoxicated women involved. So by rom com standards, the dialogue is passable with some bright spots here and there. In terms of craziness, aside from the silly drunk scenes and an ex being invited to the wedding, this one follows the genre conventions. Just a wholesome, cute comedy that plays by the rules.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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