Plot: Sue Silverman (Sally Pressman) seems to have a wonderful life, a hard working husband, a beautiful home, and a bustling social life. But inside, she has a massive void that haunts her and no matter how hard she tries, she can’t seem to find a way to feel complete or even content. This manifests in her sexuality, as she flirts with other men and at times, goes even further than that. The sex is forgettable however, as she is chasing the promise of something special, that real connection with another person, which she hasn’t felt in a long time. When she cheats on her husband and becomes drawn into a prolonged affair, even the attention of her new beau isn’t enough, so she starts to look elsewhere. But when she crosses a line out of compulsion that she never expected to cross, she finds herself with no one to turn to. Can she find a way out of this abyss or will it consume her?

Entertainment Value: Lifetime movies are often melodramatic and over the top, but Love Sick takes a much more grounded approach. This was based on the memoirs of an actual sex addict and that is obvious in the material, as this is a pretty accurate picture of what addicts can experience. Sue’s journey is a dark one and can be tough to watch, but it spins an effective narrative about a topic that is often treated as a joke. So it is nice to see a proper treatment of this controversial topic, especially when it is told from a female perspective. The performances here are fine, with Sally Pressman in the lead and able to convey the deep sadness of the role quite well. Her shifts from sky high optimism to rock bottom depression are effective and really put you inside the shoes of Sue, who is stuck in this dark, oppressive mindset. The wife of her side man is hilariously bad though, with a performance that stands out as laughable even by Lifetime movies standards. The grounded approach greatly benefits the narrative, but at the same time, the lack of over the top drama does seem odd for a Lifetime movie. So if you come in for the usual Lifetime elements, you might be let down. I think Love Sick is a solid flick that deals with a dark subject in a respectful fashion, so if you’re a fan of Lifetime or personal dramas, give it a chance.

This is a Lifetime movie, so no nakedness. The movie features some sex scenes, but none of the intimate bits and pieces are revealed. And in the case of one coupling, you’ll be grateful that nothing was shown. No blood either, as unlike many Lifetime movies, this one doesn’t violence, domestic or otherwise. The dialogue is passable, it does what it needs to do, but rarely stands out as memorable. Aside from the side man’s wife, who makes even dull, mundane lines come alive with her horrific performance. So not bad in terms of dialogue, but things remain mostly grounded and of course, we score for insane and over the top, quotable lines. In terms of craziness and this sounds strange I know, this Lifetime movie keeps it grounded, so not much wackiness. Not even a lot of over the top melodrama, which is kind of crazy in its own sense. In the end, this one takes a more realistic style and it works, but of course, doesn’t rack up points.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10

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