Plot: A message transmitted into the depths of space was never expected to receive a response, but something out there replied. The message sent out contained information about our planet and our DNA, while the responses detailed only alien DNA and how to splice it with human DNA. The experiment to combine the genetic codes produced a child with rapid development and unusual properties, even though it looked like a normal human. When the child lashes out and escapes the lab, it soon cocoons and emerges as a fully grown woman, Sil (Natasha Henstridge). She is naive about the world around her, but feels the biological urge to mate and reproduce, though the men she meets aren’t ready for her affections. This starts a chain of lethal seductions, as she mates and then slaughters her lovers afterwards. A squad of hand picked experts is hot on her trail, but seems to be one step behind and since they know so little about Sil, it is hard to keep pace. Can they somehow hunt down Sil and stop her deadly sexual habits, or has this predator’s bloodlust only just started?

Entertainment Value: Species is a fun sci/fi horror b movie that has remained a genre favorite, thanks to Natasha Henstridge’s breasts. She is naked often and looks insanely hot, so it is with good reason Species has stayed in the spotlight. But even beyond her beautiful body, the movie is a lot of fun to watch and put a more modern spin on the classic monster movie. The story follows an alien/human hybrid as she fucks and kills the men she meets, while an eclectic, all star squad of experts tries to track her down before its too late. The cast here is impressive, with some big names involved, but the performances slant toward unintentional humor in most situations. Which is fine with me, as it adds to the b movie vibe and watching Ben Kingsley and Forrest Whittaker in a sci/fi horror b movie is immense fun. The movie is a little slow here and there, running a little long overall, but it never feels dull or bogged down. The movie is at its best when Sil is the focus, so those long scenes where we get to know the experts are fine, but I’d rather have had more Sil screen time instead. I think Species still holds up as solid b movie fun, though the CGI hasn’t aged well at all. But we have a lot of fun moments and some stunning breasts, so if you’re a fan of sci/fi, horror, or hot naked female aliens with unquenchable lust, check this one out.

The nudity here revolves around Natasha Henstridge, though Marg Helgenberger does have a brief topless scene as well. Henstridge is naked often, showing off her ample breasts and bare ass in numerous scenes. I would never complain about seeing her body of course, but seeing the same person nude over and over doesn’t really move the nudity score needle that much. She is epic and Species is a showcase of her gorgeous assets though, let us never forget that. The sex scenes are frequent, but never graphic and don’t bump the nakedness much. The blood level isn’t high and sadly, the CGI effects haven’t aged well. So while some interesting kills happen, we all know CGI can’t earn full points, especially when it looks like a PS2 cutscene. The savage kiss is still fun though, as is the naked, goo soaked hatching sequence. The alien design looks cool, but again is held back by some weak CGI effects work. The dialogue is passable, with fun science lingo and some assorted one liners. Not a lot of super memorable or home run lines, but some good stuff to be mined here. As for craziness, a sex crazed lethal female alien is pretty wild, but there’s not a lot of wackiness here. The b movie vibe is fun and we have moments like the nipple tentacles and Sil’s naive interactions early on, so there’s sprinkles of craziness here. 

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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