Plot: Lisa (Maddi Vodane) is a social outcast at school, suffers from an eating disorder, and is conflicted about her sexual desires. As if all this wasn’t enough, a classmates hides a camera in her room and films her making herself vomit, as well as masturbating to lesbian porn. The mean spirited girls at her school make sure the videos end up online and soon, everyone at her school and pretty much the entire town have seen them, much to her horror. Now she feels more isolated than ever, but a new friend reaches out to her, one who promises she can ease Lisa’s tension. She offers Lisa a deal, giving her fame and fortune, not to mention revenge on her tormentors, in exchange asking for Lisa to give her a child. Of course, Lisa jumps at the chance to turn her life around and those who have bullied her start to meet lethal ends. Now Lisa has some doubts, but her new friend threatens to burn down her world if Lisa backs out. Will Lisa have to see this deal through or can she find some kind of loophole?

Entertainment Value: Devil’s Domain is a horror movie, but it also has an after school special vibe that I loved. This stems from the high school setting, the dangers of social media, and the topics explored like eating disorders, sexual confusion, and mean spirited teens in general. I’m not sure if this was done intentionally, but I liked that angle and it added a lot to the movie. The premise has a troubled girl as a social pariah, offered a chance to make her dreams come true, but the deal comes from the devil and of course, things don’t go as planned. This one is chock full of dysfunction and cruelty, just like we like it around here. The kids at school are super mean, especially one played by awkward Shawn C. Phillips who looks 50 years old but is still a student here. I’m baffled how he keeps getting cast in indie horror movies, as Phillips is a cringe inducing to watch, but at least the role here is a small one. Madi Vodane is a lot of fun however, especially seeing her go from rather naive teen to embracing the cruelty she unleashed, only to have second thoughts. Vodane is the stand out, but we also have Michael Madsen and Linda Bella in solid roles. I had a lot of fun with this horror/after school special hybrid, so if you’re a fan of either genre, give this one a chance.

No nakedness. Which is a shame, as Madi Vodane is quite hot here, but we get are some boy shorts ass shots. There’s some fun bloodshed here, with a little CGI, but mostly practical effects. This includes limbs torn off, slash wounds, self mutilation, gun shot wounds,bulging eyeballs, and more. Most of these look quite good and add some good gore to the experience, which is always welcome. Also have some cool makeup and creature effects, including the demonic form of Destiny. I thought the demonic Destiny looked really good and was a highlight of the effects work here. On the dialogue front, we have a wealth of mean girl rhetoric, concerned parent lingo, and some fun lines from Destiny as she unleashes all the chaos. I don’t think a lot of the lines are too memorable, but they’re fun in the moment and that’s not bad. In terms of craziness, the whole after school special vibe is out there, but otherwise this one keeps it fairly grounded, given the concept and all. A few weird moments trickle in here and there, but not enough to move the needle much.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 4/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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