Plot: Casey (Deborah Foreman) has just been given an incredible opportunity, a job at the prestigious Brentwood Limousine Limited. This chauffeur service is well known and trusted, with all kinds of rich, famous, and powerful clients. She is thrilled to be part of the team, but when she arrives at the office, she discovers not everyone is as excited as she is. The service hires older, more refined men and only those who fit that profile, to maintain the reputation of the business. Of course, Casey is a free spirit and a female, which contrasts with that reputation. But she is still given a chance and after a wild, out of control first assignment, she finds herself praised for her work, much to the displeasure of her coworkers. As time passes, she is given more and more outlandish clients, but continues to excel and keep her passengers satisfied. Can she win over her bosses and coworkers, or will all of her hard work and accomplishments be overlooked because of her wild streak?

Entertainment Value: This movie deserves a place among the 80s comedy classics, but has never broken through to that elite status. I’m not sure why the movie has retained a such low profile, but it has gained a cult following over the years, so at least it remains talked about. The story finds a free spirited young woman fighting against sexism and stereotypes, while trying to manage her problematic clients and of course, her own love life. Deborah Foreman is fantastic in My Chauffeur, with a dynamic and charismatic performance that you have to fall in love with. She has so much charm and presence, you can’t take your eyes off her. I also love how she plays off her costars, whether its a punk rocker, an arguing couple, or the old dry cods at her work, she is able to make the most out of those interactions. A lot of familiar old dudes from the 80s are here too, so you can bask in their elderly thespian greatness. The humor here is quirky and hilarious, with energetic dialogue and just enough absurd moments, without having the movie spiral into chaos. I had a lot of fun revisiting My Chauffeur, as it is such a carefree, brisk comedy that drips in 80s culture. If you’re a fan of out of the box romantic comedies or 80s cinema, this one should be in your collection.

This is an 80s comedy, so odds of naked flesh are good and this one has a few moments of naked bliss. A couple of topless girls lounge in the punk rocker’s bed, a man strips naked and runs wild in public, and more naked bimbos arrive during a limo ride that also features Penn & Teller. So not a lot of nakedness, but some nice breasts to soak in and that ain’t bad. No blood. The dialogue here is excellent, with a great quirky sense of humor that never fails to entertain. A lot of sexist humor, 80s lingo, and just enough bits of random absurdity, a great blend of lines here. Foreman is the queen of the show though, with a host of memorable lines and her perky performance makes the most of each one. A consistent stream of effective, fun dialogue is present here, very well written stuff. In terms of the insanity scale, this one has more wackiness than most comedies, but keeps it reeled in most of the time. The scene where a naked man steals a baby carriage for example, or the wild limo ride with Penn & Teller, these are absurd scenes, but still work within the film’s comedic framework. So a couple points for craziness, as it does push things from time to time.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 8/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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