Plot: A military plane crashes into the countryside, releasing mysterious chemicals into the area. This triggers some kind of horrific reaction in those within range of the spill, turning them into violent, bloodthirsty zombies. A specimen is brought to two skilled doctors to examine, but since the government refuses to share much information, not much can be solved. Concerned that a continued spread could prove to be a serious risk to the public, the doctors decide to take matters into their own hands and retreat to a private laboratory to work. They discover traces of a chemical used to treat AIDS, so perhaps a massive dose of the chemical is causing these terrible transformations. But they will need more data if they want to concoct some kind of cure, so they venture out to investigate. Can these two noble doctors somehow survive this zombie assault long enough to figure out a way to stop the spread?

Entertainment Value: This is low budget, shot on video splatter from gore master Andreas Schnaas, so you know its going to be fun. The story follows two doctors as they try to stop a zombie outbreak, but in truth, this is just a formality that allows for a wealth of over the top, blood soaked mayhem to unfold. The English dub on Zombie ’90 is a total mess, horrible voice overs and we have characters who sound nothing like what you’d expect. Of course, this is fantastic news as it adds so much entertainment and so many outlandish moments. A tall, pale doctor has the voice of a 70s blaxploitation action star, while others sound like cartoon characters or worse. This ensures even mundane lines and exchanges entertain, so a rare dub track that works well. So as I said, this one is packed with rampant gore and while it looks cheap, it is also creative and merciless, the kind of stuff you don’t see that often. The production values on the whole are low rent, but the movie does all the things you want it to, provide hilarious dialogue and tons of outrageous violence. I know some are averse to shot on video movies, but they’re just missing out on a lot of super fun flicks. Anyone who loves horror, zombies, and gore should check out Zombie ’90.

A dead guy’s dong and some prosthetic genitals are all the nakedness, but at least numerous dicks are lopped off, right? But seriously, let’s talk about the blood in this one, as it flows like wine at a divorced women’s book club. The effects look cheap, but that doesn’t dampen the fun whatsoever. This movie has a penis bitten off then run over by a car, a vagina torn in half, guts munched on, disemboweling, heads crushed, people dismembered by a chainsaw, thumbs driven into eye sockets, splashy gun shot wounds, a baby is beheaded then torn apart, and this is all just part of the wild, constant gore carousel in Zombie ’90. The camera never shies from the violence either, so we see it all in vivid detail. A lot of movies claim to have immense volumes of blood soaked carnage, but few can compete with this one. The dialogue is over the top, outlandish, and never fails to entertain. The voice talent chosen is hilarious and the dialogue is just one line of madness after another. I have to think a lot of this was improv, as it is so random and bizarre, but I’m not sure that was the case. I loved the dialogue here, just non stop hilarity and quotable exchanges. The sheer level of gore is impressive, but it is the creative and outrageous moments that add to the craziness, such as the baby being torn apart and a car making a special trip to run over a dick in the street. The dialogue is also wall to wall insanity, so between the lines and the bloodshed, this one earns some rock solid crazy points. 

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 10/10

Dialogue: 10/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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