Plot: After a night out with his friends, Ed (Marcus Carroll) wakes up and heads to the kitchen for breakfast. He sees his gran cooking up a hot breakfast, but these are no ordinary pancakes. No, she has used Ed’s cat to make breakfast and now, there’s blood all over and his gran is acting like a maniac. She has crazed eyes and blood spewing from her mouth, so he barricades himself inside his room. When he calls his friends, he learns they too are having issues with the elderly people around them, as if all old people have turned into zombies overnight. Some are safe and out of the mayhem, but others are out in the thick of things and forced to fight for their lives. What is causing the elderly to turn feral and feed on the living? And can Ed and his friends get their shit together and figure out how to survive?

Entertainment Value: Although zombies have gone mainstream and overexposed of late, there’s always room for new ideas. I like the premise of a pack of elderly brain munchers, so I was curious about Granny of the Dead. The plot wastes little time, after a brief introduction we are thrown into a world where old people have turned into the violent, living dead. I will say this is a deadpan style approach, which means the humor is bone dry and the pace can be a little slow at times. So this isn’t slapstick zombie humor like Shaun of the Dead. The zombie aspect of this one is well done, with some creepy and cool looking zombies. Plus if you’re already creeped out by the elderly, then this is like a two for the price of one. I like the premise a lot, but the dry humor didn’t click with me at times, though it did land sometimes. The exchange between Ed and the police officer in the bathroom was fun, for example. I think horror fans will find a lot to like here, even with a rather slow pace that keeps things reeled in. In the end, this works more often than not and the mostly fresh premise keeps the zombies fresh. So respect your elders and check out Granny of the Dead.

No nakedness. So if you have an old people fetish or just hoped for saggy tits and droopy balls, no such luck. There is some blood however, including plenty of elderly folks made up like the living dead. The gore is fun to watch, no real memorable set piece type moments, but solid and consistent bloodshed. I think the blood that tied into the dry humor worked best, such as the cat pancake and golf ball to the eye socket. There’s also all the kind of violence you’d expect from a zombie flick, so the blood flows throughout and most of it looks quite good. The zombies look cool too, there’s just something special about elderly zombies, I suppose. A few fun lines of dialogue, but most of the dry humor fell flat for me. I’m sure some others will appreciate it more than I did, but I didn’t click with it often. On the crazy scale, I found the premise of old people undead to be fun, as well as the cat pancake, a zombie driving a bulldozer, and a couple of the dialogue exchanges, so there’s some wackiness here.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 4/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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