Plot: A nun is simply describing how a woman’s crotch is the source of evil as she stabs a knife into the corpse’s vagina, when all hell breaks loose. One of the nuns is consumed with a spirit of violence and stabs another nun numerous times, sparking some serious concerns at the convent. Not to mention religious tomes bursting into flames, bouts of stigmata, and claims of a red eyed presence on the grounds, so clearly there are some issues here. The Vatican wants to resolve the situation so they dispatch Father Valerio (Carlo De Mejo) to investigate and of course, he discovers there’s even more madness going on than he expected. The strange events continue once Valerio arrives, even escalating in some ways. As he looks into the convent’s troubles, he notices that Mother Superior (Franca Stoppi) seems to be a cruel overseer and perhaps she is somehow involved. But would a devoted nun really behind these demonic incidents, or is there another explanation?

Entertainment Value: This movie opens with a scene that is packed with off the wall moments, so it is loads of fun right out of the gate. We see a naked nun’s vagina, we’re told that said vagina is the source of evil, a horrific abortion tale is told, then a burst of sudden violence explodes, all within the first five minutes. The narrative here is a priest investigating a series of supernatural events at a convent, but the real story is how bat shit crazy this movie is. When a nun trying to boil a baby alive isn’t one of the more odd moments, you know you have a winner. Aside from a short, slow stretch in the middle, this is essentially one scene of strangeness or blasphemy after another, with zombie nuns, a groundskeeper with a grudge against a cat, revelations about ESP, and a priest who films himself sleeping, plus more. Just a violent, grimy movie that takes great pleasure in various religious atrocities. The look on the nun’s face while she slowly grinds a knife into a priest is priceless, let alone the sadistic speech she rolls out as she tortures him. The movie also has some cool visuals, with more flashes of style than most Mattei films, so it looks quite good at times. I also just love the dark, dank atmosphere that hangs over the entire movie, it is palpable throughout. The Other Hell is a nasty slice of nunsploitation that even casual fans of horror and cult cinema need to see, its just a fucking wild movie.

The movie opens with a dead nun sprawled naked on a table, then stabbed in the vagina so yeah, this one has some sleaze. The nudity level is rather low, but as a dead naked nun shows, it is quality, not quantity. In terms of blood, it is here in solid doses and includes some wild moments. A vivid dog attack, crotch stabbing, rosary choking, stigmata, and more are all seen here. A lot of fun makeup work too, from some burn scars to zombie nuns. The dialogue is so weird and fun, starting with that opening scene and rarely slowing down. A creepy groundskeeper lets us know he prefers chickens to people, then lops off a rooster’s head. Obviously we also have a wealth of religious hokum, which I love. While the lines we have are great, the movie is more about visuals than spoken word, so there’s not a ton of wild dialogue here. But what we do have is pure gold. On the crazy scale, I mean come on. This movie has sinister cats, hilarious monologues, jolts of violence, a shit ton of nude mannequins, and all kinds of blasphemous moments, all in the grimy style of Bruno Mattei.  The whole movie is just unsettling and anyone who watches The Other Hell is likely damned for eternity, but its totally worth it.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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