Plot: Aloha High is a den of depraved teens, home to rampant sex, drug use, and all kinds of juvenile madness. At the center of this slide into immorality is the school’s squad of cheerleaders. These beautiful, nubile young women love to flaunt their bodies and partake of the pleasures of the flesh, whenever and wherever. They skip classes, spike the lunchroom spaghetti with a cocktail of pills, and try too hook up with the male athletes whenever possible. If that means a bubble soaked orgy in the showers, then that’s what these girls will do. But the school’s reputation has gotten so bad, a new principal is brought in to turn things around, a strict ex-military man with the odd name of Hall Walker. Despite the cheerleaders’ vital importance to the sports programs, it looks like their days of carefree mayhem might be coming to an end. Soon however, a more underhanded plot begins to be revealed, but could there be more to this Aloha High scandal than meets the eye?

Entertainment Value: I do love these “cheerleaders gone wild” movies and Revenge of the Cheerleaders is a capable installment, with a squad of girls that seem to have no limit to their outrageous antics. This movie has a claim to fame as David Hasselhoff’s film debut, but there is more to this movie than The Hoff, I assure you. The story centers on the school’s reputation and how it can be turned around, but soon an odd subplot comes in that is quite outlandish. This proves to be a fun, over the top teen comedy romp, with plenty of naked flesh, sexual hijinks, and slapstick humor, with the jokes usually at the expense of older or prudish people, as God intended. In essence, this is just what you’d want and expect from the genre, a silly and brisk picture that hits on all the conventions of cheerleader sex comedies. Hasselhoff is a lot of fun here, dancing like a lunatic and giving some outlandish facial expression, while genre legend Rainbeaux Smith is also a prominent part of the flick, despite her real life pregnancy at the time. Not a whole lot else to talk about here, it has what you want from this kind of movie and in liberal doses. For fans of cheerleader sex comedies, exploitation cinema, and 70s madness, its a must see.

As I said before, this one is loaded with nudity and it rarely slows down. A ton of breasts, bare ass, and big bush, in ample quantities. Some of the more memorable moments include the shower room orgy while bubbles overflow the room and a scene where a young man takes a woman’s order at a diner, while one of the cheerleaders kisses and licks his ass. Not to be left out, the men show off some naked flesh as well, with some ass shots and even a few dongs on showcase. After all, they don’t call Hasselhoff’s character Boner for nothing, right? No blood. The dialogue is low brow, crude, and often hilarious, with endless innuendos and naughty girl talk. This is broad humor with a focus on sex, so the lines are raunchy and over the top. The banter between the rival girls is a highlight, as mean girl dialogue is always a lot of fun. It is silly and juvenile most of the time, but also quite entertaining, I think. Plus, how can you not love a line where a girl wonders what sex with a dinosaur would be like? As far as insanity, this one is over the top, but in ways that suit the genre. So it doesn’t feel like its off the rails, just amplifying what the genre is known for. But the goofy dance scenes, drug fueled food fight, and constant sex do warrant a point or two. Not to mention the odd plot twist where the principal vanishes and the school explodes.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10