Plot: Gwyneth (Lacey Chabert) has watched most of her friends find love, but she remains single and it weighs on her. She has dated a lot, but the guys are just not the right fit and she is frustrated with that side of her life. But her professional life is great, working as a marketer and putting her innate skills to effective use. When she sees the only other single girl left in her social circle has gotten engaged, Gwyneth decides to roll the dice and sign up for Christian Mingle. She has faith, but doesn’t go to church or do much to grow that faith, though she hides that part. Her first date from the site is with Paul (Jonathan Patrick Moore) and the two click right away, then begin a relationship soon after. As Paul introduces her into his world of religious social activities, it is clear Gwyneth is in over her head. No matter how hard she tries, her lack of knowledge about the Christian faith shines through. But if she comes clean, she’s worried about losing Paul, so she tries to keep it together. Will Paul discover her secret and if so, what will become of their relationship?

Entertainment Value: I want to note, this is a movie based on a dating website, so that alone is epic in my opinion. The basic premise is that a young woman pretends to be more religious than she is, falls for a guy who lives a life of faith, then risks exposure as she unravels under the pressure. In essence, this is just another romantic comedy, but the sheer volume of religion pumped in makes it so much more. For instance, when she realizes she needs to learn more about the faith, she buys a copy of Christianity for Dummies. She prays over a cookie, leads an awkward, lingering prayer because she forgets to say amen, and in an effort to fit in, constantly tries to squeeze Jesus into every conversation. I think this is hilarious, as it is like a robot trying to learn religion and all the subtle social miscues are fun to watch. The movie is preachy, to be sure, but to such an absurd level, it is really fun to watch. Outside of the religious angle, this runs like a typical romantic comedy, except for a host of odd, random dialogue that pops in. I love strange dialogue of course, so I was thrilled by some of the awkward exchanges and one off lines that made no sense. A shameless promotional tool, Christian Mingle: The Movie is also an unintentionally humorous flick that is a prime example of Christsploitation, with both guns blazing. If you’re a romantic comedy fan or just love wacky religious nonsense, it is worth a watch.

No nakedness. Come on, seriously. This is a movie about people who barely kiss, you think they’re gonna show tits in this? No blood either, not even some sympathy stigmata to help Gwyneth land her man. But really, you can’t expect blood and breasts from a movie like this, so as much as I love those elements, their absence here is never a concern at all. Believe it or not, this movie has some great lines and some of them are total home runs. When asked if his mother would like him to have a bunch of kids and a few dogs by now, Paul responds “Yeah…the barking kind!” and I lost my mind. This kind of dialogue pops up often and I couldn’t have been happier. In addition to a host of off the wall, random lines, of course we have an almost infinite supply of over the top religious talk. Gwyneth misquotes a verse and her bible study group is mortified, as if she murdered someone right in front of them. Great stuff. In terms of craziness, the only off the wall stuff is the dialogue and awkward situations, as well as the heavy flow of religion. But honestly, the strange dialogue and awkward moments are pretty wacky, so it earns a couple of points.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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