Plot: Eddie (Tab Hunter) is quite popular with the ladies, able to pull almost any woman he wants and have them desire him. But while he has no problems getting in with the women, he is unable to close the deal. The girls are all too willing to enjoy some sexual congress, but Eddie can’t rise to the occasion. When one young woman takes offense to his lack of growth and gets a little aggressive, Eddie shoves her away and her heads crack on a table, leaving her dead. He was able to cover up most of the evidence and stash the corpse, but he also had some unusual feelings about the situation, as if he was sexually aroused by the death. He continues to meet new women, but also has to dodge the questions of the dead girl’s best friend, who is starting to get worried. Eddie’s smooth words ease her mind, but she still reports her friend as a missing person. As the police become involved, Eddie begins to think about killing another woman, but this time on purpose. What is the cause of Eddie’s impotence and will he kill to find some pleasure, or can the police stop his spree before it begins?

Entertainment Value: Also known as The Arousers, Sweet Kill is a gritty serial killer movie that takes a pretty grounded approach. The story finds a handsome, smooth talker who adored by the ladies, but is unable to get his soldier to stand at attention. An accident leaves one girl dead and he has a strong reaction, but restrains himself, only to have the desire to kill rise and rise inside him. The development of Eddie is pretty close to a number of real life serial killers, with sexual dysfunction, deep maternal issues, and a disdain for women in general. I like this movie, as it has a grimy feel and gives us a fairly believable serial killer scenario. At the same time, I dislike the lack of violence and how the necrophilia angle is hinted at, but not really explored. I don’t need graphic sex with dead bodies, but it is such an interesting aspect to Sweet Kill and to have it pushed aside is a disappointment. The movie is also slow at times, but I didn’t mind too much, as it allowed Eddie’s descent to have a little more impact. Tab Hunter is good here as Eddie, pulling off the charismatic presence needed, but also that inner conflict and dysfunction, so he was a wise choice here. Despite some missed opportunities, I think this is still a solid movie and fans of serial killer flicks should give it a look.

This one has several nude scenes, complete with breasts, bare ass, and this is the 70s, so ample bush. Most of the scenes aren’t quick peeks either, so the movie doesn’t shy away from showing off the naked splendor of these ladies. The movie hints at necrophilia, as Eddie has a strange draw to the corpses, but it isn’t dealt with. He is careful washing a corpse off and undressing the body, but the movie never commits to following that angle directly. I think a little more on screen reference could have sharpened the edge on Eddie’s madness, but it is what it is. The bloodshed happens mostly off screen, but we do get a little blood here and there. I don’t mind the restraint in this case, as Hunter’s maniacal performance during the kills compensates. He conveys a blood lust quite while in a couple scenes, great stuff from Hunter here. The dialogue is fine, well written most of the time, but doesn’t give us much in terms of zany moments or over the top, quotable lines. The interactions between Eddie and one of his students provide the only real wacky moments. On the crazy scale, Tab Hunter’s performance is really the only craziness, as he is wild during the kill scenes. Had the movie explored the necrophilia aspect more, I’m sure the insanity score would be higher.

Nudity: 5/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10