Plot: Bridd Cole (Austin Hebert) has the brains to be quite a successful person, but he is content to remain in his mediocre lifestyle. This is because he doesn’t like to make waves or rock the boat, so he just accepts what he is given. For example, he uses his sizable smarts to help his friend get a huge promotion, but has no ambition to advance his own career. His humdrum existence takes an unexpected turn however, thanks to the arrival of a package addressed to his mother. But since his mother has been dead for decades, he is beyond confused about this situation. After a date with coworker Charlotte (Alexis Carra), Cole returns home and finds his home has been pillaged, as if someone broke in and was looking for something. Not just that, but his boss is there and has been killed, right in Cole’s home. As it turns out, Charlotte has a record and begs Cole not to call the police, reminding him of the suspicious circumstances and how it could easily look like he was the murderer. Thrust into the kind of situation he has tried to avoid his entire life, can Cole manage to uncover the truth?

Entertainment Value: A low budget sci/fi movie can be tricky, as the genre tends to lean on set pieces and potentially expensive elements. But The Answer manages to skirt those issues for the most part, as it keeps things simple and relies more on sci/fi narrative elements than explosive action or special effects. The story finds a boring guy in boring life that is suddenly forced into a stressful, fight or flight situation with a woman he barely knows. The movie explores the fresh relationship between Cole and Charlotte, but never makes us too interested in either. This is in part because of the film’s ambition to do so much, which limits the development of the leads. I also found it hard to get a read on Austin Hebert’s performance, as he plays a boring guy in a boring way, but I wasn’t sold on his presence. I did find a lot to like about Alexis Carra however, who brings a lot of energy to her role and shows great potential. Overall I think the performances here are solid, but Carra is certainly the standout. The movie has some issues, mostly in pace and lack of focus, but manages to blend several genres together in a fairly effective presentation. I found The Answer to be a decent watch and I think fans of sci/fi indies or b movies should give it a chance.

No nakedness. A little blood, including a couple nice neck wounds, but not much and only in a couple scenes. But this is sci/fi not horror, so the minimal blood is never an issue or detracts from the experience. On the action side, we have a couple of fights and some gun elements, but this is more talk than action. Which is again fine, as that is the tone and the film is content to sprinkle in action, rather than focus on it. The visual effects are solid for the most part, but aside from the cool alien handcuffs and blades, not much stands out. In terms of dialogue, Carra has most of the interesting lines and how she toys with our lead can be fun. But this is more due to the performance instead of the writing, I think. I found the writing to be good, but not in the ways we value here, so camp and over the top lines are minimal. The craziness here comes in how quickly our leads accept and adapt to the situation, but some reason is offered, though it does add some humor how easily they roll with the changes. Aside from that, not much out of ordinary goes on here.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10