Plot: A small, rural town is having some issues with wolves, who keep leaving the forest and pushing into the town’s streets. Given how close the town is to the woods, it makes sense to see one now and then, but the sightings have risen at an alarming rate. This becomes a serious concern when some locals turn up dead, mauled and covered in blood. The obvious culprit would be the wolves, driven to violence by their habitat being encroached upon by the locals. So the police recruit some hunters from the area and head into the forest, to put down some wolves and protect the locals. Of course, it is never that simple and while one wolf is gunned down, the rest of the pack swarms on the group in a violent assault. A mysterious young woman shows up and helps turn the tide, but it is clear there is more at work here than some pissed off wildlife. What lurks in the forest and can the town be saved?

Entertainment Value: A fun werewolf flick that puts a horror spin on a well worn fairy tale, Little Dead Rotting Hood has some issues, but is a solid watch. The story is a little convoluted at times, but the basic premise is a pack of supernatural wolves prey upon a rural town, which kicks off an epic battle for the town’s safety. In a bold move, this one features real, trained wolves and that adds a lot to the experience. The animal attacks have a more raw, visceral feel than CGI could ever provide. Of course, some CGI slips in other places, but the use of real wolves was a great choice. The tone is pretty serious, so don’t expect a campy, over the top ride here, but it does show a welcome sense of humor from time to time. The cast is mostly good, with Eric Balfour, Patrick Muldoon, and Heather Tom in capable roles. But Bianca A. Santos is kind of a wet blanket, looking hot, but doing little besides that. A more kinetic, charismatic actress could have brought so much more, but it is what it is. Aside from Santos and the lackluster CGI, this is a pretty fun flick. If you’re into werewolf movies, monster movies, or just love to see animals attack people, give it a look.

A couple brief topless scenes, but that’s all the naked flesh. The blood is on the low end, but the animal attacks are quite a sight. The use of real wolves elevates the tension and is a real boon for the movie. At least most of the gore effects look practical, aside from some CGI blood spray in a couple scenes. I do have to mention the den mother werewolf however, as the idea is cool, but the execution is a real distraction. The CGI creation is very weak and detracts from an otherwise solid flick, as it just looks bad. Not the worst I’ve seen in films from The Asylum, but out of place here, to be sure. The dialogue isn’t bad, but it also isn’t that memorable. Since this is more serious than camp, no real over the top moments or exchanges stand out. In terms of craziness, the terrible werewolf CGI at the end has to take the cake. This abomination at least fights everyone, with police, swat team, and even homeless people on the attack. Other than the questionable finale monster, this one sticks close to genre conventions.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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