Plot: Buford Pusser (Bo Svenson) has sacrificed much to keep the people in his county safe, even losing his beloved wife. But no matter what the cost, Buford was determined to remain loyal to the citizens of the area and fight back against the criminals, putting his life on the line time and again. While he was once held up as a hero and his vigilante methods applauded, times have started to change around him. Now he is being held to the fire over his tactics, which a local lawyer claims infringe upon the rights of those Buford goes after. As if legal pressure wasn’t enough, Buford is also in a financial mess since he used a lot of his own money to fund his war against crime, leaving him on the brink of losing his own home. Now he faces pressure from lawyers, the public, and criminals pushing back into the area, all while reelection time looms, so Buford has a lot to deal with. As attitudes shift in his county and opinions of his methods change, can Buford move with the times and if not, what will become of the man who battled a criminal empire with his walking stick?

Entertainment Value: This is the third and final installment in the Buford Pusser series, with Bo Svenson back in the lead role. I admit that while I like this movie, it does stretch the ballad of Buford a little thin. The second movie seemed to wrap up things well, so this third movie has to make the most of what little narrative remains. But come on, this is Buford Pusser, so even a little narrative is worthwhile. This time we watch as times change and Buford himself out on the outside, paying a steep price for his all out war on crime. All three of these movies are tragic, given the suffering Buford endured, but this one to me is perhaps the most tragic. To see a man who gave up so much treated like he was, is not an easy thing to watch. Not to mention knowing this was based on real life events, which makes it even more difficult. So in a way, this is a fitting end to the series and bridges the gap between a time when justice above all was important, to a more technicality based justice system. Whether you agree with his methods or not, the story of Buford is interesting and worth exploration. So while this final volume isn’t on the same level as the first, it is rock solid. So if you’re interested in the story of Buford or just like movies about bad asses, check this one out.

As always in this series, we have some topless scenes, but they’re brief. In terms of the good old violence, this is Buford, so you know he delivers. This one has ample fights and the blood often flies, as the guys kick the shit out of each other. The action here is fun to watch and for fans of street justice or vigilante justice, the fight scenes are bound to please. Buford is an ass kicker and in Final Chapter, he does just that and uncorks an epic level of violence. This movie also has some gunplay involved and the wounds produce some nice bursts of crimson, but not a wealth of this happens. I also liked the car chases and stunts, which add even more entertainment value. While not soaked in blood, this one issues a high level of violence and more red stuff than you might think. On the dialogue front, plenty of tough guy talk and of course, Buford rolls off some fun one liners. This series has a lot of rural, hick types and I always like the banter between those kind of characters. In terms of craziness, the violence and general bad ass presence of Buford raise the score, but that’s about it. This one is a drama driven action flick, so it never dives off into the deep end.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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