Plot: Since the death of her father, Christie (Mary McDonough) has been plagued with nightmares and an overall sense of dread. While the death was ruled an accidental drowning, Christie is convinced her father was in fact murdered. She has vivid dreams about a hooded figure and while no one believes her claims, she remains steadfast in her belief. When her boyfriend Greg (David Wallace) and his buddy sneak into the local mortuary after hours and witness some odd sights however, he starts to think maybe there’s some truth to Christie’s visions. His friend disappears soon after and Greg even sees the hooded figure for himself, though again, no one besides Christie seems to believe him. The mortuary is run Mr. Andrews (Christopher George) who makes it clear that if Greg keeps snooping around, there will be serious trouble. Is there some kind of supernatural conspiracy centered on the mortuary and if so, how is Christie’s father’s death involved?

Entertainment Value: I think most new viewers of Mortuary will be drawn in by the presence of Bill Paxton, but the film has much more to offer than that, though Paxton’s creepy performance is quite fun. The story is solid and involves some eerie events that all tie into the local mortuary, but two teens struggle to find anyone who is willing to look into the situation. I think one of the movie’s best attributes is the atmosphere of dread and uncertainty, as you wonder how deep this mystery goes and who all might be involved. That sense of paranoia adds a lot to the tension and mood, as you’re as in the dark at times as the leads, which is always fun. The cast turns in some good efforts and boasts Christopher George, who I always like to see in action. He is ominous as Mr. Andrews and brings a lot to the role, not to mention genre fans can’t seem to get enough of the dude. Paxton is creepy and fun to watch, while we also have Lynda Day George, David Wallace, and television veteran Mary McDonough. While not as flashy as some 80s horror classics, Mortuary is a fun chiller that benefits from a solid cast and good atmosphere, well worth a look.

There’s some corpse titties and a brief sex scene that kind of shows some flesh, but not much. The we have a super creepy scene where Paxton undresses our lead on the morgue slab, then fondles her unconscious body. That scene has breasts and bush on showcase, as well as adding to the film’s off putting vibes. So not a ton of naked flesh, but some solid nakedness. The blood isn’t ample, but we get some nice gushes when the killer wields his implement. The kills also happen the same way, which is kind of a downer, but such is life…or death. Paxton’s performance yields some wacky lines, such as his exuberance over his new Mozart album. Christopher George also adds some color, but overall there’s not a lot of memorable dialogue to be heard here. The craziness here rests on the shoulders of Bill Paxton, who really goes for the gusto with his role. Between fondling an unconscious girl on a morgue slab and conducting classical music at a party for corpses, Paxton really ramps up the nuttiness and is a lot of fun to watch here. Aside from his performance however, there’s not much that veers out of the horror convention boundaries. Even so, his presence alone is enough to push this one up the insanity scale a few notches.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10

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