Plot: A rural town in Texas is under assault from a force that has locals terrified, as young women are being hunted down once night falls. But this isn’t a kidnapper or even a murderer, but instead a group of demons that prey upon the area. In an effort to keep the situation quiet and drive out the demons, the government has dispatched Warren Carr (Mikal Vega) to handle the situation. Carr is a skilled soldier with unusual methods, but undeniable results and is experienced in black ops missions. So he assembles a squad of trusted soldiers, some of whom handle the idea of fighting demons better than others, then heads to Jack County, Texas. As they soon learn, the town has a deep religious importance and because of waning faith, the demons were able to break through and take control of the town. The demons seek virgins, to harness their purity and grow in strength. The fate of the world hangs in the balance, but can some skilled soldiers and bikers manage to fend off a force of demonic power?

Entertainment Value: Navy Seals vs. Demons has a great title and lives up to it, as we do indeed watch as the Seals do battle with demonic entities. The story has a lot of religious banter and in essence, a once moral town has fallen into disrepute and as such, demons have been able to push into the area. Now to quell the threat and protect the world, a team of undercover soldiers is sent in to squash the demons. I love this premise, as the idea of soldiers fighting demons is awesome, but I do wish this was more horror and less exposition. There are some cool scenes between the two sides, but also a lot of talking that sometimes comes off as filler more than crucial storytelling. Even so, the pace is good and even when the action slows, the movie never drags or feels dull. The cast is fine, though a little melodramatic but to me, that adds to the fun. I don’t mind some soap opera style thespians once in a while. In the end, this is a solid watch thanks to the wild premise and quick pace. I do wish there was more horror and more focus on the demons, as those were when the film was at its best. If you’re intrigued by the title, give it a chance.

No nakedness. There’s some nice bursts of bloodshed, but its not a consistent flow of the red stuff. Aside from some brief, low end CGI, the blood here looks good and we have some nice innards on showcase. As I said, I wish the movie focused more on the horror element and by turn, included more of the demons and more bloodshed. But there’s some fun moments of violence here, so there’s that. On the dialogue side, we have a wealth of religious, end of the world hokum which can be fun, as well as the expected tough guy talk. The banter between the soldiers was well done and makes that bond seem real, which was a good touch. The concept here is off the rails, but for the most part, the movie paints within the horror genre convention lines. The demon makeup is a little off at times, adding some wacky flavor, but overall I think this one is less over the top than you might expect.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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