Plot: Barbara (Robin Strasser) is the daughter of a rich man who loves to spoil his daughter, despite her sense of entitlement and assorted quirks. When she wanted to design and build her own house, he hesitated, but broke down and allowed to her to construct her dream home. But when she asks to marry David (Arthur Roberts), he puts his foot down and says he isn’t good enough for his little girl. But of course, Barbara gets what she wants, so he relents and soon, the two are married. Before the wedding day has ended however, Barbara walks in on David canoodling with his ex (Iva Jean Saraceni) and she just snaps. She attacks David with a pair of scissors and covers her white dress in blood, then flips over the cake and storms off. When Barbara vanishes for weeks, David moves on and begins a relationship with his ex, but soon strange things start to happen. As time passes and odd phone calls and vivid nightmares continue, is it Barbara back for her ultimate revenge?

Entertainment Value: Also known as The Bride and The House That Cried Murder, Last House on Massacre Street is a wild, off the rocker experience. I do so love movies about crazy women and damn, Barbara is one of the craziest around. A spoiled, sheltered woman who is never told no, she loses her shit in epic fashion here. The story is solid, as Barbara marries her dream man, only to find him cheating before the wedding day is over. So she disappears, the husband moves on, and soon the new couple is haunted by could be Barbara back to settle the score once and for all. Robin Strasser plays the role of Barbara and is the prime reason the movie works so well. This is an unhinged performance that is a pleasure to watch, as even her calm moments seem on the brink of madness. The rest of the cast is fun as well, with odd and memorable performances. I love how no one is presented in a positive light here, as it ensures a wealth of dysfunction and mean spirited behavior. This atmosphere of hostility is just ideal for this lot of characters and the situation they’re in, its just a lot of fun to watch it all unfold. The pace is brisk and never slows down much, so its just a jaunt of unease and teetering sanity. I had a blast revisiting Last House on Massacre Street and for fans of horror or bizarre cinema, it is well worth adding to the collection.

No nakedness. The blood count is low, but since this is more psychological than slasher, it doesn’t impede the fun. The scissors attack gives us a little red stuff and you can’t forget the slaughter of that poor rooster, including its severed head left in the bed. Some fun with an ax closes out the bloodshed, but again its non graphic. On the dialogue side, we have the splendor of ample dysfunction and that yields some fun lines. The mental breaks latch onto all the main players, so we have a good amount of off the wall stuff to soak in. The lines are made all the better by the fun performances, especially from Strasser and Saraceni. I also think the lines from Barbara’s father about his distaste for David were a lot of fun. I know the soap opera style of the performances won’t delight everyone, but I loved it here. As far as craziness, this one is dipped into batshit and rarely feels sane in the least. The performances, the fragile mental state of pretty every character, the tormenting of the new couple, and of course, the off the rails conclusion all boost the insanity score of this one.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10