Plot: Patricia Porker (Misty Mundae) is a bookish young woman with a lot of brains, but not much social presence. She fantasizes about various sexual hijinks with her crush, though she’d never be bold enough to make a move. But one day at school, an encounter with a radioactive, hybrid spider will change her life forever. The spider manages to get loose from its carrier and bites Patricia, but she just brushes it off and walks on. Soon however, she is engaged in a furious masturbation session and when she climaxes, her cooch sprays webbing all over the wall. This is her first signal that she is no longer a normal girl, but one gifted with super powers. She tests her new powers to earn some cash, as part of a professional show and easily bests her opponent. But thanks to her lack of concern, her uncle Flem is killed by an escaping criminal. Can she somehow use her powers to help others, or at least have sex with hot chicks?

Entertainment Value: A Seduction Cinema classic, SpiderBabe features Erin Brown aka Misty Mundae and a lot of naked breasts. While not as graphic as some of Seduction Cinema’s earlier releases, it is still fun to watch Misty in her element and goofing on such a well known character. The narrative follows the Spider-Man origin, just with more sex and gender reversals on some characters. This is a spoof after all, so it parodies a lot of the Spider-Man conventions and puts a new twist on them. So if you’re a comic book fan, you’ll appreciate that some effort was made in that regard. The humor is silly and over the top, just as you’d expect from this label. So for example, if you appreciate the fact that SpiderBabe can shoot webs from her cooch, this is your kind of flick. Not all of the humor lands, as this is pretty broad stuff, but its still a fun movie. As you’d expect from a Seduction Cinema title, this one has a lot of girl on girl affection though as I said, not quite to the level of some of their releases. This isn’t high art, but its fun and if you like hot girls making out with each other, comic book spoofs, or just have a crush on Misty, its worth a look.

This one has a lot of naked flesh and while most of the sex scenes involve two girls, there are some man/woman romantic scenes as well. A wealth of topless scenes involving a number of women and while some are quick flashes, most are part of longer, more involved sequences. So a lot of breasts, bare asses, and even a few full frontal scenes, with more visible cooch than most flicks offer. So if quick, but vivid shots of female genitalia offend you, might want to skip this one. The sex scenes are light, but fun and feature a good variety of pairings and situations. A bloody nose, but not enough of the red stuff to warrant a scoreboard appearance. The dialogue here is silly and over the top, so some of the humor works, but some falls flat. So some memorable lines are here, usually involving sexual wordplay or random nonsense. The highlight for me was the scene where the air conditioner was broken, so the girls stripped down to stay cool, classic porn setup. SpiderBabe never feels off the rails or too outside the spoof lines, beyond the whole rampant sex angle. It does have some odd moments however, so enough to earn a point on the scale.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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